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[4th of July Bits] Snow on the Radio, Homes for Wayward GMs, Trade Talk

Hey! Where are you guys going with that tea?

Sorry, Kate. Find some new colonies to subjugate.
Sorry, Kate. Find some new colonies to subjugate.
Chris Jackson

Happy 4th of July to all who apply. Slap on a powdered and some stockings and party like the Founding Fathers (and mothers).

Main Courses

  • Once again for those who missed, TSN analyst Scott Cullen put the Mikhail Grabovski and Nikolai Kulemin signings under the microscope. I always appreciate Cullen's objective approach.
  • Islanders assistant coach Greg Cronin worked with Grabulemin in Toronto and helped recruit them to Long Island. His scouting report on the pair is at the Official Site.
  • Garth Snow was on Joe and Evan on WFAN yesterday for a surprisingly light, but pointed interview. I hope to have a transcription up someone before Labor Day, but it's well worth a listen if you've got a free 20 minutes.
  • And the Islanders Insight guys did a Dump And Chase podcast right after the signings. I wonder if they were happy about the moves.
  • Garik looks at which defenseman the Islanders should target to solidify that position in this FanPost.
  • The Islanders are spending money and the NHL simply will not stand for it. [Zeitgeist]
  • Best of luck to Kevin Schultz who moves on from Islanders Point Blank. He did great work over there, but he won't be giving up the Islanders. Follow him on Twitter at @Schultz88.

Side Dishes

Really cool look at how the Predators James Neal trade went down on the draft floor. GMs! They're just like us!