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[Bits] Corsi Camp David, Easier Being Greene, Gunfight at the PK Corral, Jets Flight Delays

Improbably, Brooklyn and Nassau County were spared from the Sharknado that hit New York.

Sharknado III: This Time, It's Jason Priestly
Sharknado III: This Time, It's Jason Priestly
Mark Davis

Islanders links

  • Dom tries to broker a peace accord between the stats world and the olde tyme hockey world. We all just want the same things, man.
  • An Islanders-Rangers playoff series would be a big deal this year. [Isles Talk]
  • The below Twitter exchange is notable for a few reasons. 1. It announces the start of Islanders training camp this year; 2. It (once again) acknowledges that former big time NFL wide receiver Chad "Ochocinco" Johnson knows the Islanders exist and that they have a goalie who shares his name, although this is probably because as a member of the Montreal Alouettes, he's most likely reminded of this fact every day; and 3. It is a rare display of creativity and playfulness from the Islanders official Twitter account which is, frankly, one of the most boring in the league. I don't envy the guy(s) or girl(s) that run the account because the emotional abuse you receive in that job can't be a great environment to be funny or inventive. But stuff like this is a good reminder that social media is a goldmine for delivering quick, clever little chuckles when it's not full of strangers crawling out of the woodwork to tell you how worthless you are. Anyway, here's the tweet if you didn't see it.

Non-Islanders links

  • The Devils resigned defenseman Andy Greene to a contract that Lou Lamoriello doesn't want you to know about. Sorry, Lou. There are no secrets anymore. (it's 5 years, $25 million) []
  • P.K. Subban and the Canadiens have set their arbitration expectations much lower than they probably should have been. [SB Nation]
  • Highly-touted NCAA player expected to loophole his way out of team that drafted him. Now happening to good teams, too. [CSN Chicago]
  • Will Teemu take his talents to the KHL? [Puck Daddy]
  • Speaking of Selanne, he's on this ESPN list of best players in each franchise's history. Hint: it's not from his stint in Colorado.
  • The Winnipeg Jets are spinning their wheels and making zero changes from last year's roster. The good folks at Arctic Ice Hockey are getting very restless.
  • Are the Canucks going to change their uniforms again? And what role with this swarthy bearded lumberjack play? [Nucks Misconduct]
  • How will Barry Trotz figure out what Capitals forwards to play where? Probably by sticking his neck out OK that doesn't make any sense. [Japers Rink]
  • Do Canadian Junior teams make any money? Some do, most don't. [The Hockey News]
  • So who watched Sharknado 2 last night? The answer is everyone. The San Jose Sharks are also involved in their own storm, with girls in cropped tops and tight pants circling the ice menacingly. [LHH Zeitgeist]
  • NOT HOCKEY AND NOT SAFE FOR WORK: I wish I was as good at anything as Samuel L Jackson is a saying one maternally-carnal curse word. Here's a video of all of the times he's said it, which is a lot shorter than you think it is. [AV Club]