Expectations Meter [Update 1]: Where do you stand on 10/7/14?

Dawn, or dusk? - Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

Editor's Note: This FanPost was first published this summer, seeking to get our LHH commentariat to register where their expectations stood for the upcoming season, with the goal of rechecking our "temperature" at various points throughout the year.

In the interest of keeping this coherent, kindly comment according to the instructions below, and leave further conversation to the other daily threads. This is a "Hi, this is me, this is where I stand" kind of thread only. If you can't follow that simple instruction, perhaps you can move along and play in one of the other 4,500 or so LHH posts we have?

The Rules (They're Not Hard)

  • Did you record your expectations on July 3? Go to that comment of yours, and reply to it with how your expectations have changed since then (if at all).
  • Didn't see this or record your temperature on July 3? That's okay, you can start the drill now, in October, and then update your thoughts next time we post this.
  • DO NOT use this thread to harass others about their answers. You have multiple other daily threads with which to do that.

JP's original idea and instructions follow:

I'd like to keep a simple log of where we are as [LHH] Islander fans. I will probably do similar posts a week before opening night, after game 41 and after game 70 to take the temperature, so to speak.

Format your posts like this:

Subject: Number from 1 to 10 (whole numbers please) to reflect Expectations Chart (below)

Text: A simple summary as to why you rate the team at whatever level.

I will keep a spreadsheet of all numeric responses and use them in the follow-up posts.


1. Buffalo will be getting the #1 or #2 overall pick next year.

2. Top 5 pick for the Sabres, plus whatever they earn on their own.

3. Isles finish out of the playoffs, and that was forecast before 2015 even started.

4. Isles go into 2015 battling for a playoff spot, but don't have the depth to get over the hump.

5. Important games until the last day, but don't make it.

6. Away team playoff birth against #1 seed. No expectations of winning a playoff series.

7. Bottom of theEastern Playoff Bracket. Decent matchup gives them good chance to win a playoff series.

8. Home team, top of Eastern Playoff Bracket. Favorite to win at least one playoff series.

9. First or second in the Eastern Playoff Bracket. CUP CONTENDER.


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