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Islanders News: Cizikas and Hickey, depth, goaltending, and commercials

You can't sell leaf-tables and no chairs. Chairs, you got a dinette set...

Commercial training.
Commercial training.
Winslow Townson-USA TODAY Sports

No chairs, you got Avery.

Islanders Opinings
  • Casey Cizikas on the radio. [WLIE]
  • Thomas Hickey on IslesTV [Isles]
  • The Islanders finally have depth, but need a defenseman, and the coach will be on the hot seat. [The Checking Line]
  • But goaltending is no longer an issue. [The Hockey Writers]
  • Ryan O'Reilly makes me grateful for John Tavares. (Not that I wouldn't love to have O'Reilly and his millions too.) [LHH]
  • These are five non-playoff teams that might make the playoffs in 2014-15, and one maybe has to do with improving on a .898 team save percentage. [About]
  • Michael Grabner and another Austrian did himself some hockey-golf commercial shooting (this and other oddities in Bleuchz's Hashtag Isles update):
Other Opinings
  • Now wait just a minute, just what is going on in San Jose? [Fear The Fin]
  • Daniel Winnik is from the Toronto area, therefore he signed there like all Toronto natives are destined to do. [theScore]
  • The Kyle Dubas media tour will continue until all appetites have been appeased. This time, on Marek vs. Wyshynski, and something about Joe Cirella.
  • Evidently Mike Vernon helped Patrick Roy reach an epiphany before he walked out on the Habs in the middle of a game was so mistreated the only honorable option was to refuse to ever play another game for them. [SB Nation]
  • Brian Elliott on offseason training as a presumed starter: "You do get a little bit of the feeling that if I do this extra push-up, this extra pull-up, maybe it’ll be an extra save here or there that can help down the road," Elliott said. "I think every little bit helps and sometimes when you have that extra goal in mind, it helps you to push through the grind. I don’t know if that’s mental..." [stltoday]
  • The Wings have signed Tomas Tatar to a three-year deal. [WIM]
  • Is it really possible John Tortorella will coach in the NHL again? (He is, after all, a REAL COACH. Then again, he didn't even LIVE IN VANCOUVER when he coached the Canucks.) [Puck Daddy]
  • Today's episode in Stats vs. Hot Takes: Resistance is pointless. [Edm Journal]
  • On prospects and pr*j*ct*ng: "When we speak in the language of prospects, we speak in the language of uncertainty and probability, of grey areas and likelihoods. Player development is such a nebulous concept with so many unknown variables that it's impossible to project exactly what a given player will become while they're still junior-aged." [Canucks Army]
  • *Note on the last one: Technically "the language of prospects" is more about, "My goal is to make the team ... I know I need to get bigger ... work on my speed ... everything is faster ... I think I can fill a role..."
  • These are five unsigned NHL free agents who could still maybe kinda help your team. [SB Nation]

And finally, loopyball leagues (should be) forming now (via SB Nation):