Penalties taken/drawn per-60 among Islanders (at EV)

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Penalties drawn/taken this past season (per-60), among Isles (min 30 GP) at even-strength. (So the numbers below are differentials, unless specified otherwise: penalties drawn per-60 minus penalties taken per-60.)

(Wingers are generally positive, defensemen [especially shutdown] are generally negative. I bolded the most impressive/ least impressive, given this.)

Best (positive):
0.9 McDonald
0.7 Nelson
0.6 Clutterbuck (somewhat impressive for a winger)
0.5 Nielsen
0.4 Grabner
0.3 Okposo
0.2 Strait (Is this stat good enough to help save his chance for a roster spot? Don't think so. In 19 GP the previous season, Strait was a poor -1.1)

0.1 Cizikas
0.0 Tavares
0.0 Martin
0.0 Strome

Conacher tied for 1st among NHL forwards with 2.0 penalties drawn per-60 (in 78 GP)... Tied with Kadri, Malkin, and Helm. Top-10 is rounded out by mostly other very good forwards: DBrown, RCarter, Huberdeau, BJenner, ZRinaldo, Steen, and Perry.... Rinaldo actually took a spectacular 3.0 penalties per-60, even though he drew 1.7.

Conacher's 0.9 differential-- tied with McDonald-- is only beaten by forwards Kadri, Helm, Huberdeau, Gibbons, Zuccarello, Duchene, Tarasenko, TLewis, Galiardi, Leino, Datsyuk, and Seguin. (So the two are tied for 13th in the NHL in that stat for this past season.)

In limited time, Halmo was a slight positive (20 GP), Boulton a -0.5 (23 GP), Bouchard a -0.5 (28 GP), and Lee an ugly -1.1. (22 GP, only about 280 total EV minutes for Lee, so small sample size.)

Worst (negative):
1.4 Carkner (2nd worst in NHL among defensemen, behind John Scott; only 6 D-men worse than 1.0.)
0.7 Donovan (not awful, though, for a defenseman)
0.5 Hamonic
0.4 Hickey
0.3 de Haan (tied for 24th in NHL in penalties drawn among defenseman)
0.2 Bailey

(None of Isles' forwards were among worst 120 at taking penalties.... Cizikas was 122nd, but he drew more than he took.)

Positives bolded from here down.

Notables for 2013 season (min 20 GP):
0.9 Tavares
0.7 McDonald
0.6 Reasoner (this is the year many LHHers defended him)
0.6 KAucoin
-1.8 Carkner

In 47 GP Conacher had 2.5 drawn (4th in NHL behind Kaleta, Rinaldo, and Kadri, ahead of MacKenzie, Burish, and DBrown) and 1.5 differential (3rd behind Kaleta and Kadri, among forwards).... Grabo and Kulemin have been around average for this stat the past 4 seasons, overall.

Notables for 2011-12 (min 30 GP):
0.9 Tavares
-0.2 PAP
-0.2 Martin
-0.1 Okposo
0.6 Moulson
0.3 AMac (About average for this stat past two seasons for D-man, taking slightly more penalties than drawing.)
-0.9 Reasoner (this was the year many LHHers thought we was awful, his year with Pando and Nino.)
0.2 Nielsen
-0.9 Staios
-0.6 Jurcina


- Tavares and Nielsen are each very good for this stat.
- Nelson's season was impressive for this stat, considering he was moved around so much, and sometimes played a more defensive role.
- McDonald may be worth keeping, after all. And Conacher seems even better for this stat.
- Carkner is consistently awful for this stat. It is a good reason why he should be limited to 20-30 games this season, if that, assuming 3 of Brennan/Donovan/Reinhart/Czuczman/Pulock are decent.

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