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Retro Game Thread: Islanders Vs Canucks Game 4 1982

Come tune in and enjoy a classic, when men were men and John Tonelli was the biggest badass on the entire continent. (No pressure, Anders Lee.)

LHH Retro Game Thread
LHH Retro Game Thread

Following last weeks series clinching win against the Penguins the Islanders fought their way back to the Finals. In the finals they faced the Vancouver Canucks. The Canucks made the playoffs despite a losing record, and proceeded to beat the Flames (3-0), Kings (4-1) and Blackhawks (4-1).

Former Islanders draftee Richard Brodeur had the playoffs of his life, posting a 2.77 GAA in the playoffs despite giving up 18 goals in 4 games against the Isles. The Islanders had 118 points on the season, the Canucks just 77. The 41 point difference is to this day the biggest difference between two teams in the Finals.

Islanders (54-16-10, 1st/Patrick) @ Canucks (30-33-13, 2nd/Smythe)
8:00 p.m. EST | Lighthouse Hockey | Sync-Video
Pacific [gloriously unsponsored] Coliseum

NuckNuckNuck: NucksMisconduct

You can join in the fun at SyncVideo. No need to enter a user name and all the chatting will go on in here. Also enjoy the pre-game videos.