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Islanders News: Donovan, Gallant take QOs? Classic NHL calls, good and bad

"Tonelli to Nystrom..."

"Hey, Z..."
"Hey, Z..."
Jen Fuller

A little bit of this and a little bit of that from Islanders camp and around the NHL:

Around the Island...
  • By the CapGeek look of things last night, it appears Matt Donovan and Brett Gallant have accepted qualifying offers. [Soundin' Off]
  • The IPB podcast features a call in from Brock Nelson, who was around for an autograph signing this week. He says he doesn't have a preference, center or wing. On the defensive responsibilities: "That's something I try to incorporate in my game, no matter where I'm [lined up]." [IPBIslanders Point Blank Podcast: Brock Nelson calls in | Islanders Point Blank]
  • SNY's "Oh Yeah..." (yes, that's the name) show revisits the Denis Potvin hit on Nilsson and the chant ("Pot-vin's Cups!") that persists till this day. [IPB]
  • From March, but discussed in comments yesterday: What perks season tickets get you around the NHL. [Silver Seven] Meanwhile, discussion about STH in Brooklyn continues in this LHH FanPost.
  • The periodically updated Islanders social media guide. [THW]
...and Beyond
  • Mike Babcock is doing the "won't negotiate during the season" thing. [Free Press via Puck Daddy]
  • The top 5 NHL players in history whose names start with 'A,' because. [SB Nation]
  • Frequently cited analytics maestro Eric T. (seen at Broad Street Hockey and Outnumbered) has grabbed the attention of an NHL team. [BSH]
  • Ted Leonsis gives some quotes on how and why he digs his new GM and coach. [Wa. Post]
  • Back in the nadir of the third-jersey '90s, the Flyers nearly unveiled an awful one with teal in it. [Puck Daddy] I'm sure this will get inaccurately cited as often as that almost-was Blues trumpet one.
  • On that note, a history lesson on the aesthetic development of soccer vs. hockey jerseys. [Hockey by Design]
  • Everyone says the Oilers need another center. What if they can't find one via trade? [Edmonton Journal]

The top 30 hockey calls of all-time, allegedly in some sort of order (h/t Puck Daddy), but you might want to skip past the first one, and I don't know how #29 isn't higher, considering it was Canada's "Do you believe in miracles?" moment:

Aside: I happened to be in the car on a long road trip during #24, Joel Ward's Game 7 OT goal for Washington. Any obscure ones take you back?