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Nascent York Islanders vs. Nascent York Islanders [Blue/White Scrimmage Game Thread]

It's water in the desert! It's projections in the darkness! It's the annual Blue/White Prospect Scrimmage ahhhhhhhhhh!!!

"How were you aware of all that NHL awareness out there tonight?"
"How were you aware of all that NHL awareness out there tonight?"
Mitchell Leff

Everybody move, nobody get hurt.

A parade of New York Islanders prospects, not all of them defensemen and obscure goalies, face off tonight in the annual Blue/White (and sometimes Orange) scrimmage that occurs in the middle of prospect development mini-camp.

If you're not there at the Coliseum ($10 general admission tickets, autographs and what-not post-game), you can watch online at the official site.

Nascent Blue Islanders (1-2-0) vs. Nascent White Islanders (1-0-0)

7 p.m. EDT | Online
Nassau [gloriously unsponsored and older than all these kids] Coliseum
Opposition Blog:

That site also lays out the field generals...:

Behind the Bench: Islanders Director of Player Development Eric Cairns and Bridgeport Sound Tigers Assistant Coach Doug Howela will coach Team Blue, while Marty Reasoner and Islanders Assistant Coach Matt Bertani will coach Team White.

... and the two lineups as well as full camp rosters with bios and uni numbers.

Player to Watch: That guy, he really looks good.

Player to Rip: This guy, he doesn't have NHL [insert generality here] yet.

Player to Pr*j*ct: Unsung guy, the Isles see something in him.

Player to Ogle: That big guy, he's already played with men.

Chat it up, make irrational conclusions, jump to massive proclamations, tell us who's a bust! It's your only NHL(ish) hockey for waaaaaay too long.