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Islanders News: Frans doesn't exist, and other curious fiction


Frans Nielsen prepares to pay Allan Muir a visit.
Frans Nielsen prepares to pay Allan Muir a visit.
Bruce Bennett

Tonight is the blue/white scrimmage (tune in here for the game thread) as prospect mini-camp continues. But first we have some pleasant readings, as well as a rant based off an unpleasant one.

In Which Frans Nielsen Struggles to Crack the Lineup, Or Is a Wing, Maybe

This is what happens when the Internet and content farms turn every paid writer into a slideshow-making, list-whoring mess of a robot: In a ranking of NHL teams at the center position, Allan Muir of Swimsuits Illustrated puts the Islanders at 13 without including Frans Nielsen.

That's right, he lists four centers (John Tavares, Ryan Strome, Mikhail Grabovski, Casey Cizikas) and condescends only to:

Cizikas quietly emerged as a solid depth center. The question mark is Strome—a legitimate top-six talent, he has to prove that he can handle the two-way rigors of a second-line role. If he's not up to the task, Frans Nielsen likely slides back into the mix.

You don't have to be a Frans fanboy to spot the errors. He also ranks the Ducks fourth while citing Andrew Cogliano (who hasn't been a regular center since his Edmonton days) and Nate Thompson.

Honestly, if I had to put together such a ranking, I'd have to do considerable homework and hemming and hawing to figure out where each team stacks up. But then the reason profitable(?) outlets make lists and slideshows is because the labor-to-eyeball ratio is low: They are not supposed to be well-researched, only well-clicked. (Aside: Please click the fanposts to the right to see the 20 Hottest Naked Hockey Wives Who Will Also Tell You Weight Loss Secrets.)

So I'll be charitable and assume this was handled by an intern, or under duress from bastard editors shouting "GIVE US MORE LISTS! MOAR!" right before he headed out for vacation. Yeah.

Tweet of Camp

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Not Exactly Islanders News
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See you 'round tonight, where prospect judgments will be made!