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[Bits] Long Island Stockholm Syndrome; Blue and White Scrimmage; Penguin Panic

Who wears a cape?

Frank Costanza's lawyer
Frank Costanza's lawyer
Noel Vasquez

Some reading and some threading as the Stanley Cup final resumes this weekend.

Islanders stuff:

  • The Islanders announced the date and details of their Blue and White Scrimmage.
  • Justin Bourne's article on the Islanders team "nobody wants to play for" is still a little baffling to me. Garth Snow using leverage and tricks to essentially "trap" players into playing for his team is an intriguing concept. But the tone is both complimentary and condescending. As CC53 pointed out in the comments yesterday, it's almost as if Bourne wants to credit Snow, but is holding back for fear of being too laudatory. I don't know. Maybe I just don't want to think of guys playing for my favorite team as hostages.
  • Broadstreet Hockey reviews Andrew MacDonald's partial season with the Flyers. Um, good luck with that.
  • Brian Burke is not a fan of Nassau Coliseum. [Calgary Herald]
  • Islanders legend and possible lycanthrope Ken Morrow stops by Hockey Night in Canada radio. [h/t to poster LittleCharlieHusher]

Stanley Cup Final

  • Marc Staal's Rangers post-injury recovery. Also: He has brothers in the NHL! [ESPN]
  • How exactly did the Kings' smother the Rangers in that corsi-riffic third period in Game 1? [Jewels from the Crown]
  • The mayors of Los Angeles and New York do what their governors couldn't: make a bet on the final that's worth a damn. [Puck Daddy]
  • The Kings aren't for sale, according to the guy who would be selling them. [Yahoo]. It's probably because they're doing boffo business lately. [ESPN]
  • The best thing about the Kings' recent playoff runs is more and more greatness from The Royal Half. Sadly, the mainstream media in LA is still struggling with the Kings very existence. But someone is doing some Grade A trolling by putting up a Go Kings Go arena video right across the street from MSG.
  • NEW! Football voice and gambling maven Al Michaels grew up a Rangers fan but has been a die hard Kings fan since the late 60's. So save the bandwagon for someone else. [Neil Best in New$day]

The Rest

  • Peril in Pittsburgh! Former Hurricanes GM Jim Rutherford takes over in a surprising, and confusing, move [Post-Gazette]. His first order of business was to tell coach Dan Bylsma that he's now unemployed after waiting for weeks. That's not a good look for the Penguins [Sports Illustrated]. Worth noting to Islanders fans is the news that former players Bill Guerin and Tom Fitzgerald were promoted to assistant GMs as well.
  • The bad news for lovers of schadenfreude: Pierre McGuire didn't get the Penguins GM job, one he thought was basically in the bag [Puck Daddy]. At least is wasn't from a lack from trying. [LHH Zeitgeist]
  • To much less fanfare, the Flames named Brad Pascall and Potsdam, NY native Craig Conroy as assistant general managers. [Matchsticks and Gasoline]
  • Martin Brodeur will test free agency [ESPN]. Most likely, he will find the results unresponsive. Meanwhile, Corey Schneider is done working part time. [Puck Daddy]
  • Possible moves made or not made by the Maple Leafs are a daily topic of conversation. But what can they actually do to improve their roster? [Pension Plan Puppets]
  • Seriously, avoid using Plus/Minus at all costs. [Arctic Ice Hockey] [drink]