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[Bits] Boyle Another Early Bird Special; Warm Up Soccer; Cherry vs. Sens

Look who's eating at 6 o'clock.

Whoa! Hey, man. I got traded here, too. Relax.
Whoa! Hey, man. I got traded here, too. Relax.
Bob Stanton-USA TODAY Sports

Islanders News

  • So that was unexpected. San Jose's Dan Boyle (or, at least, his contract) is now Islanders property in another Garth Snow preemptive strike. LHH thread for believers and skeptics | Islanders Point Blank speaks with the "excited" Boyle's agent | New$day with details | Fear the Fin says their tearful goodbyes | The always sage Lowetide lauds Snow.
  • The Boyle trade pushed this to a late-night entry: Kirill Petrov's (last?) appearance on the Top 25 Under 25 [LHH]
  • Meanwhile, Capitol District Islander ponders the Ryan Callahan question.
  • Video: What's the deal with NHL players warming up with soccer games? [Islanders]
  • In case you missed it from Arthur Staple:

Off Day Stuff

  • Stanley Cup Final: Jonathan Quick needs to get his act together... quick. [Sportsnet] | Being fast isn't enough for the Rangers. [Sporting News] | Game 2 is tomorrow night.
  • Quick's Kings may be for sale for a ton of dough. [Forbes]
  • Kommissar Bettman says NHL teams are worth more than those diamond studded Clippers. [Sportsnet]
  • Don Cherry, as usual, had some harsh words for the "Euro loving" Ottawa Senators. The Senators had some words for Grapes right back. [Ottawa Sun]
  • The Panthers have interviewed old pro Ron Wilson for their head coaching position. [Sportsnet]
  • And the Hurricanes are kicking le tires on Jacques Martin. [The Score]
  • Marek Zidlicky is back with the Devils for one year and about $3 million bucks plus bonuses. [ILWT]
  • Kevin Allen and Pat Foley are honored by the PHWA.
  • Puck Daddy ranks the Simpsons NHL logos that are making the rounds. I know it's not current, but I love the Islanders one. "Arr. I've got some customers. Call me back, Ishmael."
  • Oh boy. Boisterous Brian Burke wants a new arena in Calgary. This is not going to end well. [Global News]
  • Are you sick of hearing about 1994? Everyone is. How about 1933? Greatest Hockey Legends has some fascinating video from the Maple Leafs-Rangers Cup finals that year. Really cool.

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