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Islanders News: Charles Wang weighs sale options, and mascot candidates

Lukin, the cat which allows LHH's Mike L. (ICanSeeForIslesAndIsles) to feed it, went all cat on the keyboard last night and inadvertently drafted a story. Some remnants of his work may lie within.

Sorry for your loss.
Sorry for your loss.
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The Rangers opened a 2-0 lead in Game 1 last night...


...the Kings rallied to tie and force overtime.


A Smurfs turnover led to Justin Williams' game-winning goal.



  • During his annual Cup final "Ask me anything LOL as if I'll answer" address, Gary Bettman said Charles Wang is still "weighing his options" on a possible sale of the New York Islanders. That is all. [Newsday]
  • Separately, Bettman probably said something about the game and the league never being better than it is now. [Confession: He's probably right.]
  • Of far more urgency and importance, the Islanders are looking at free agents to fill the essential position of team mascot. All you Sparky wannabes, apply here. Need help before your interview? Revisit our chat with a former Sparky.
  • The Kings PA guy used to shoot t-shirts at Islanders fans. What a jerk. [Newsday] Aside: This is why colleges send gobs and gobs of mail to ACT and SAT lists. Because every once in a while someone bites, and a northern Michigan kid ends up at Hofstra.
  • This surfaced in comments yesterday and it's wonderful: BarDown: The Simpsons take over the NHL, Part 2
  • Guy Lafleur? Not a fan of Thomas Vanek nor Max Pacioretty. [Puck Daddy]
Elsewhere, Like in the Cup Final for Instance
  • Politician sports bets are always lame. But the California and New York governors lowered the bar. [Puck Daddy]
  • Is the Kings' puck luck about to run out? (Not last night, no. The Kings outshot the Smurfs 20-3 in the third.) [Tavares is 26]
  • They are cockroaches, those Kings. [Times]
  • I'm sure this will shock you: Scott Burnside is on an epic run of bad, bad and wrong playoff picks. [Royal Half]
  • Michael Handzus is old and probably won't be back with the Hawks. [CSN]
  • Particularly for our Canadians: Do you like Rogers picks for its play-by-play teams? (Personally, Jim Hughson's voice always creeps me out.)
  • The (hockey) World Cup is coming. Probably 2016.
  • The Flyers have their own ECHL affiliate again. So, an essential spot for their Quines and Clarks to keep busy. [Broad Street Hockey]
  • 22 Things You Might Not Probably DO Know about the Stanley Cup [Mental Floss]

One down, three to go.