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NHL News: Streit's 1st Philly Season; Turgeon's Kid; Cup Finals Teed Up

Remain calm and bet on black.

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Central European hockey powers meet.
Central European hockey powers meet.
Bruce Bennett

The Stanley Cup final begins tonight. There can be only one winner. But so many things to read:

Vaguely Islanders- or General Hockey-Related
  • Sons of Pierre Turgeon and Al MacInnis at the draft combine. I feel old. [THN]
  • Reviewing Mark Streit's first season in Philly. [BSH]
  • Swedes pick the Cup final and Tommy Salo is dead to me. [Some place in Sweden]
  • Draft following: This site always keeps good track of various mock drafts. [DC Pro Sports]
  • No way this McGuire-for-Pens-GM stuff is for real, right? RIGHT? Also: Pittsburgh's chief columnist/troll fields questions about McGuire. [Tribune]
  • It's okay though. He has Ray's blessing! [Puck Daddy]
  • What's more strange -- Dater doing a straightforward profile of the guys behind analytics hockey stats sites, or finishing it with a tiny and random paragraph about the Avs not being into it? [Denver Post]
  • The 2015 WJC in Montreal schedule is out. [HEOTP]
The Final(s)
Not Hockey, However Essential

"Entenmann’s, now sold in 48 states, will shutter its Long Island bakery, a five-acre white behemoth, and lay off 178 of the plant’s 265 workers." [Times]

This is really long, but Jon Bois simulates the end of the NBA. [SB Nation]