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[Sunday Bits] Calm before the next storm, Songs of Ho-Sang, New Goalies for the Mill

The decision to photograph this year's NHL draft picks in a police station interrogation room was a controversial one.

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Mnyeh, ya got nuthin on me, see? So hit the bricks, flatfoot!
Mnyeh, ya got nuthin on me, see? So hit the bricks, flatfoot!
Jeff Zelevansky

Enjoy the next couple of days before Free Agency Madness 2014 begins on Tuesday. Consult your doctor to find our which NHL unrestricted free agents are right for you.

Islanders links

Last Call

  • Day 2 of the draft was much quieter than Day 1 with just a handful of mid-level trades involving actual, live humans. The Canucks picked up Linden "Oy" Vey from the Kings for a second round pick [LA Times] | The Flames helped the Blackhawks out by taking stonehands Brandon Bollig for a third rounder. [CSN Chicago] | And the Maple Leafs made a very Leafs-ian trade by sending defenseman Carl Gunnarsson and a fourth rounder to the Blues for Roman Polak. Oh, and the Leafs kept a portion of Gunnarson's salary, too. [SB Nation]
  • In case you missed any picks of any of the teams, the SB Nation mothership has you covered.

Few for the Road

  • Jason Spezza nixes trade to Nashville, perturbs both teams' GMs. The dreaded NHL No Fly List strikes again. We feel your pain, Perds. [Globe n' Mail]
  • More details on Spezza and other insider info in Pierre LeBrun's Rumblings blog.
  • The good news for the Predators is that they did get James Neal. That is good, right? [On the Forecheck]
  • Ryan Kesler wasn't even on a plane to Anaheim when Sportsnet's Mark Spector started hurling knives at his back. Even for Spector, that's impressive.
  • Damien Cox asks why goalies don't get drafted in the first round anymore? Because goalies are voodoo, Damien.
  • Down Goes Brown on the magnificent and hilarious wrestling heel villainy of Gary Bettman's draft podium performances. For all his faults, Bettman is a master troll MC and loves sticking it to the people who love sticking it to him.

The NHL Network talking heads discuss the Islanders farm system. Craig Button (or someone) calls them a team on the rise.