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Everything You Need To Know About The 5th Overall Pick

The Islanders have a recent history with the fifth overall pick in the NHL Draft. Here is a deeper look into the draft position's complete history.

With the fifth overall pick...
With the fifth overall pick...
Mike Stobe

On Friday evening the Islanders will find themselves holding the fifth overall pick in the annual NHL Entry Draft.  It will be the fourth time in the Garth Snow Era that the Isles have gone into draft day with the fifth pick.

In the three previous trips to the podium at number 5, Snow has traded one pick, drafted a player and then traded him a couple years later, and drafted a damn good looking center with the other.

While no draft position guarantees you a quality NHL player, here are some facts about the history of the 51 players drafted fifth overall:

Games Played:

  • Only 3 players failed to play a game in the NHL (all drafted prior to 1971)
  • 41 players played at least 100 NHL games
  • 38 players played at least 250 NHL games
  • 26 players played at least 500 NHL games
  • 15 players played at least 750 NHL games
  • 6 players played in over 1000 NHL games (Scott Stevens, Petr Svoboda, Bill Guerin, Jaromir Jagr, Rob Niedermayer, Daymond Langkow)

Goals Scored:

  • 14 players scored at least 100 NHL goals
  • 8 players scored at least 200 NHL goals
  • 4 players scored at least 300 NHL goals (Rick Martin, Rick Vaive, Guerin, Jagr)

Points Scored:

  • 28 players scored at least 100 NHL points
  • 19 players scored at least 250 NHL points
  • 7 players scored over 500 NHL points


  • 13 players have been named to an NHL All-Star Team
  • 1 player (Stevens) is in the Hockey Hall of Fame
  • 11 players have won at least one Stanley Cup in their career
  • 1 pair of brothers have been drafted (at separate times) with the pick (Luke Schenn, Brayden Schenn)

Position Breakdown:

  • 8 Centers have been drafted
  • 8 Left Wings have been drafted
  • 9 Right Wings have been drafted
  • 21 Defenseman have been drafted
  • 5 Goalies have been drafted

Islanders History with the Fifth Pick:

The Islanders have drafted 6 times in the fifth slot.

  • 1992- Darius Kasparaitis
  • 1997- Eric Brewer
  • 1999- Tim Connolly
  • 2000- Raffi Torres
  • 2010- Nino Niederreiter
  • 2011- Ryan Strome

The most important fact come Friday may be this- The fifth overall pick has only been traded three times.  The Islanders were involved in two of those trades (Torres in 2000, Schenn/Josh Bailey in 2008).

Get Winnipeg on the phone and see if they're interested.