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Lighthouse Hockey NHL Awards Show Open Thread

Featuring David Boreanaz, Cuba Gooding Jr, Kevin Connolly and maybe some hockey players

A year later, this suit is still badass
A year later, this suit is still badass
Tasos Katopodis

Once again it's time for the NHL to invade one of the few cities on Earth that has no idea it exists and give out a bunch of over-sized trophies to guys who would rather be at the rink than wearing a suit.

No Islanders are nominated for anything, of course, but I hope some of them got a free trip to Las Vegas out of it.

At least the NHL was nice enough to publish an order of presentation for viewers to plan bathroom breaks and strategic switching between channels.

Chat here about who deserved it, who got robbed, who you covet or who the hell is this handing out this award, I've never heard of them they're probably from some crappy teen movie or NBC show.