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[Bits] Are you troubled by strange noises in the middle of the night? It might be Alexei Yashin

Or not.

What's that smell? Was that you? It wasn't me.
What's that smell? Was that you? It wasn't me.
Tom Szczerbowski-USA TODAY Sports

Islanders links

  • If the Islanders are going to cut bait on Dan Boyle, they better do it before next Wednesday. [Islanders Point Blank]
  • Michael Willhoft at Islanders Insight takes a closer look at that usage chart from the other day.
  • AUDIO: Matt Carkner calls into Sean Pronger's "Journeyman Conference Call" for a podcast. Warning: "conference call" isn't just a clever name. The sound is rough, but Carkner talks about his NHL journey and the greatness of John Tavares.
  • "The Islanders' Alexei Yashin Nightmare Ends after 2015." I wasn't aware that paying a guy who retired seven years ago a measly $2 million a year could be classified as a "nightmare." If you are actually seeing Alexei Yashin in your dreams at night, please seek sleep therapy or contact your local paranormal investigations and eliminations business.

Other stuff

  • The Hurricanes have a coach and it's former Red Wings assistant Bill Peters [Canes Country]
  • The full order for the NHL Draft [SB Nation]
  • Mentioned the IPB story above: The NHL makes changes to how teams can interview unrestricted free agents. Teams and players can now discuss possible deal parameters prior to signing. [Star Tribune]
  • Speaking of UFAs, Jonas Hiller, Saku Koivu and Daniel Winnik won't be back in Anaheim. [LA Times]
  • Brian Campbell may or may not want out of Florida. It depends on who you talk to. [CBS Sports]
  • The Avalanche are preparing to play contract hardball with Ryan O'Reilly and Paul Stasny. [Denver Post]
  • Forget Evander Kane, you guys. Gary Lawless says the Jets should keep him. But check back the next time Kane goes a few games without a goal or tweets something funny and becomes a distraction.
  • The word "analytics" means different things to different teams, both good and bad. [Edmonton Journal]
  • Defensemen and their effect on team corsi, both for and against their teams. As Keith mentioned yesterday, look in the raw data at the bottom for some Islanders in some surprising places. [Hockey Graphs]
  • Man, Fear the Fin is taking this "watching your team become a tire fire" thing really hard. Could the Sharks' lousy TV deal really force them to move? | On second thought, Fuck the Sharks. No, seriously. That's the title.

Director of Player Development Eric Cairns reviews the Islanders 2012 "None More Defenseman" draft class.