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Islanders add Cronin, Corkum to coaching staff; Weight named assistant GM

Greg Cronin returns to Long Island for a second tour of duty doing... whatever assistant coaches do.

Coaching their asses off.
Coaching their asses off.
Tom Szczerbowski-USA TODAY Sports

When the Islanders let go of Bridgeport head coach Scott Pellerin and put Brent Thompson in charge of the Sound Tigers, it opened up a spot on their bench for a new assistant coach. Many probably hoped the Islanders would add a veteran assistant, or perhaps a former head coach, who could add some new ideas and experience to a team that often looks within for solutions.

Today, they did both, although it probably won't cause too much celebration.

The Islanders brought back former assistant coach Greg Cronin, who was most recently on Randy Carlyle's staff in Toronto. They also officially named Bob Corkum as an assistant coach after a year as an associate coach, which is, apparently, not as high up on the coaching food chain. Good to know.

And, yes, smart-ass. Jack Capuano remains the Islanders head coach.

All this news first came directly from Arthur Staple, who has been released from his Rangers-colored prison after a two month-long incarceration.

Cronin was an assistant with the Islanders from 1999-2003 under Butch Goring, Lorne Henning and Peter Laviolette.  He also served as the Sound Tigers head coach from 2003-2005 and coached at Northeastern University. While with the Leafs, Cronin was the subject of a series of interviews with Maple Leafs Hot Stove in which he had some interesting views on advanced stats and how he and the coaches viewed Toronto's performances. Which means if you made jokes about him being out to lunch on analytics, guess what, he's your's now.

I always remember Corkum as a Mighty Duck of Anaheim, specifically a virtual one in the early EA NHL series. He always had a knack for scoring goals on a team that, at least in video game terms, was a bit handicapped. Not sure how that relates to his assistant coaching skills, but it's the best I can do.

Update! A bit of info from The Hockey News' Adam Proteau, who I'm sure followed this up with some snark but I'm too lazy to look:

Finally, the Islanders also promoted Doug Weight to assistant general manger from his previous post as special advisor to Garth Snow, which he had been since his retirement in 2011. He will remain as an assistant coach, where he had taken the reigns of the Islanders' power play in the last few seasons. No word yet on if that task remains his or will be farmed out to Cronin or Corkum or anyone else.

Good news, bad news, odd news, or just another racket by the New England Hockey Mafia(c)? I have no idea and we'll find out only through time. For now, at least one of the new coaches wasn't Radek Martinek.


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