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NHL News: Ding-dong, the...not yet but soon

I used to hate Stanley Cup final sweeps, but I'm willing to give them another look.

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The brother looking for his in-law.
The brother looking for his in-law.
Bruce Bennett

For the third time this series (hee hee), the Rangers played a strong and arguably better game (hee hee), yet still came away with a loss in Game 3 (bwahahaha), to fall back to the brink in the Stanley Cup final. If I had any empathy for Rangers fans, I would feel bad about how much they've carried play without results. But no. No.

  • The NHL competition committee mulled various changes, including expanded instant replay and Olympic-style faceoff hash marks. [CBC]
  • Jiri Sekac (and please, it's pronounced "Yeh-Zhee," not "Yer-ree") is an interesting undrafted KHL free agent. [LHH]
  • The Hawks are having a tough time signing their Hobey Baker finalist Kevin Hayes. [ESPN] If he resists, on Aug. 15 he'll become a free agent.
  • I see what you did there: Where hockey's new numbers get it wrong | CanucksArmy
  • Fear The Fin takes on the latest Joe Thornton trade rumors.
  • Like hockey video games? Here is a preview/trailer of NHL 15. [Polygon]
  • Terry Crisp and Stu Grimson will change roles in Nashville, because Crisp is old and Grimson is a lawyer. [Tennesseean]
  • The creators of those OYO NHL mini figurines. [Untied Mag]

Christmas is six months away, but I'd never seen this, it's cool, and with Bill Watterson's brief return to the comics last week, I thought it worth sharing:

Three down, one to go.