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[NHL News] Western Game 7 Determines who Smokes the Rangers

Tonight, the seventh game of a most awesome series.

After six games, it's time for Greco-Roman hockey to decide the winner.
After six games, it's time for Greco-Roman hockey to decide the winner.
Kelvin Kuo-USA TODAY Sports

The Los Angeles Kings and Chicago Blackhawks, the two most recent Stanley Cup champs and repeat Western Conference finalists, are at it one more time tonight. Game 7 ends what has been a riveting series in which series score has meant little, because each game has been dramatic and absolute war.

Assuming one of them survives tonight, the Cup parade is just around the corner...

A game thread for Sunday night's Game 7, plus some leftover bits reads:

  • Here are 7 Questions for Game 7. And here is history. And here are numbers. Apparently the Rangers are in the Cup finals? Here is a guide to dealing with the people who are just discovering the news, and deciding they are fans. [LHH Fanpost]
  • An interview with Darryl Metcalf, who founded ExtraSkater and made our lives easier (and more complicated). [Hockey House]
  • On that note: Rick Nash is producing offense, even if not his own goals. [Sportsnet]
  • Wait no really, Pierre McGuire could be an NHL GM this time? (As opposed to when he really wanted the Montreal job. And the Minnesota job. And any GM job...) [HockeyBuzz]
  • CorsiRel and Famous Defensemen II: The AMac edition. [mc79hockey]
  • T.J. Brennan has scored lots in the AHL and would like an NHL job now please. [National Post]
  • The Jets are "open to making changes" wink-wink-nudge-nudge-Kane-Buff. [Winnipeg Free Press]
  • Finally, THAT BASTARD PETER KARMANOS IS GONNA MOVE THE WHALERS AGAIN?!?! Oh wait, not those Whalers. The other ones. [Detroit News]