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[Saturday Bits] Clash of the Titans; Run Silent, Run Deep; The Expendables and other manly men's movies

Brass Balls Bonanza

John E. Sokolowski-USA TODAY Spo

I had this awful dream yesterday that the Rangers made the... oh god.

Islanders links

  • But seriously, with both teams in such close proximity and so closely intertwined, the Rangers' run does affect the lives of Islanders fans. Andy from Islanders Insight examines those family ties.
  • Happens every time, and even more often when you're the Islanders: a player goes from Long Island to another team and suddenly his value spikes. Don''t be deceived. [Capitol District Islander]
  • ACTUAL NEWS! Saginaw Spirit defenseman Jesse Graham has signed an ELC just under the deadline, per Arthur Staple. When last we spoke of him, he was being traded from Niagara, where he served as captain, to Saginaw. No clue how he fits into the Islanders' overstocked defense department.
  • Read the replies to that Staple tweet to see a pretty sorry collection of "here comes the Cup" wisecracks. Yes, no one has thought of this response before. Because no team signs sixth round picks, apparently.

    Around the boards

    • The Western Conference final has basically been one epic title fight after another. Fittingly, it will go the distance after the Blackhawks win over the Kings in Game 6 last night. I'm as pumped for a game featuring two teams I don't care about as I've been in a long time.
    • Adam Proteau of The Hockey News wrote a dumb, pointless article about the "blessing in disguise" of Alexander Ovechkin ditching the Capitals for the KHL. Japers Rink calls out section-for-section just how dumb and pointless it is in a much more eloquent way than I would have.
    • Fancy Stats Saturday: Tyler Dellow looks at the CorsiRels of some of the NHL's more high-profile defensemen in Part I and Part II. | Puck Prediction looks at possession in the post season.
    • Also, post season scoring slumps look worse than they are. []
    • More on Sonny "Mitts" Milano. []
    • The curious case of T.J. Brennan, AHL superstar and NHL afterthought. Or, "Fun With Asset Management." [National Post]
    • Jets GM Kevin Cheveldayoff says the trade winds are blowing among his colleagues. Of course, Winnipeg's next big trade will be their first, so I wouldn't get my hopes up. [Winnipeg Free Press]
    • Peter Karmanos will move the Whalers if attendance doesn't improve. No, this isn't an article from 1996. He's talking Plymouth Whalers. Leopards, spots, etc. [Detroit News]
    • Pierre McGuire was in Pittsburgh for a second interview for the Penguins' open GM position. Pleasepleasepleasepleaseplease... [Hockey Buzz]

    A non-sexist, non-cynical beer commercial? Must be Canadian. But hey, Casey Cizikas was there.