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Islanders/NHL News: New York Horror Picture Show

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Close your eyes, it might go away.

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Can I Graduate?" ... and other regrettable '90s songs.
Can I Graduate?" ... and other regrettable '90s songs.
Anne-Marie Sorvin-USA TODAY Spor

Lest you be terrified by what happened last night, comfort yourself with this thought: The next four Rangers losses will lead to delicious heartbreak, and an end to New York radio's very sporadic and ill-informed notice that hockey is a thing. Oh, and the Isles' beatwriter gets to cover it.

That's my approach, anyway. To think otherwise is to think classy Martin St. Louis would demand a trade due to hurt feelings, or something.

  • Garth Snow was on the morning show of NHL Home Ice on XM yesterday. JP provided a summation in comments yesterday. Here's the audio (of Snow. Not JP.). Topics: No-brainer deferring the pick owed to Buffalo; Griff; Halak, Halak, Jayhawk; Tavares; ...and goaltending!
  • All throughout the Anders Lee "will he loophole?" saga, my chief solace was that his desire to finish his degree would keep him from exiting school just to alter his leverage. Mission accomplished, for him and Kevin Czuczman. [Isles]
  • You may have heard, Griffin Reinhart had a good playoff. That and other prospect updates. [HF]
  • You may have heard this before: Josh Bailey and Nino Niederreiter were rushed mishandled. [THW]
  • Some free agent targets for the Isles, yeah? [Isles Insight]
  • Are Wild fans who have been told that Thomas Vanek would sign with their team, overreacting to his playoff while concluding he should not sign with their team? (Wild fans, overreact? Never.) [Hockey Wilderness, now under new new management]
  • Speaking of neurosis...maybe like this could all pave the way for Vanek to return, eh? You betcha? [TCL]
Not Exactly Islanders

Apparently it is an annual summer tradition at LHH for us to tear apart each other's taste in music or film, because even arguing over Josh Bailey or rehashing the Nino trade gets tedious. (No really! It does!) Yesterday, Oasis and Tom Hanks were two points of contention. This is not Oasis: