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Anaheim Ducks vs. Los Angeles Kings [Poll + Playoff Thread]

The fourth series of the second round finally gets underway, and it should be a doozie.

This is all rather odd.
This is all rather odd.

After the Bruins tied their series with the Canadiens with a wild late push Saturday afternoon, the final second-round series got underway Saturday night in Southern California.

Sunday's games feature Game 2 in the Wild-Hawks (3 p.m. EDT) and Penguins-Rangers (7:30 p.m. EDT) series.

Out west is the first time the Los Angeles Kings and Anaheim Ducks have met in the playoffs, and it should be fantastic -- keeping with what is a growing history of excellent intra-California battles.

This one will be lots of "power on power" with big top lines, some dirty wingers, and some mobile attacking defensemen on each side. In Anaheim's goalie carousel, Jonas Hiller is expected to start.

For some pre-game insight and tomfoolery, on SB Nation check out Jewels from the Crown, Anaheim Calling, and the irreverent criminals at Battle of California.

Previous Round

It was a smaller poll, but only 25 percent of our reader/voters picked Los Angeles to get past the Sharks in the first round. A whopping 81 percent correctly picked the Ducks to get past the Stars, with 27 percent picking 6 games.

Second-Round Polls

Chat up the weekend game here, vote your picks in the poll below, and explain in comments if you like.

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