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Stanley Cup Poll: Penguins vs. Rangers [Friday Playoff Thread]

You look so tired, unhappy...

We hope...that you choke...that you cho-ooooke...
We hope...that you choke...that you cho-ooooke...
Adam Hunger-USA TODAY Sports

The second round continues with Game 1's in two series tonight: The early game is a battle of detestable Metropolitan teams, the Penguins and the Rangers. May the earth swallow them all.

Later, Minnesota is in Chicago for a (heh) third-place vs. fourth-place matchup. If you're of the voting sort, go to the a.m. bits post to vote in the poll on the Blackhawks vs. Wild series outcome.

The Canadiens vs. Bruins series poll is over here.

And you can discuss the game and leave your votes for Pittsburgh vs. New York below.

As for how many of you did in the first round, well, many of you blew your Hawks vs. Blues picks (Not me though! I actually nailed that one with Hawks in six. I know my deja vu.):

However, 55 percent of you picked Pittsburgh to get back Columbus in round 1, with 11 percent correctly calling the number of games as an Islanders deja vu.

As for the other hated Metro teams, well, 54 percent picked the Smurfs to get by the Flyers, but the picks were quite spread out all across the options, perhaps an indication of your inner dilemma about how best to channel your hate.

Speaking of hate, Rangers and Penguins start soon...

Prediction: James Neal knees somebody.