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2014 NHL Playoff Pick 'em: Boston Bruins vs. Montreal Canadiens

It's time to pick again, and watch some more and more and more.

Bring it.
Bring it.

The second round of the NHL playoffs begin tonight, with two rested traditional rivals ready to go at it yet again: Montreal Canadiens vs. Boston Bruins will be marked not only for the history and (hopefully) competitive nature of the series, but also because the media on both sides will act like absolute idiots.

Fortunately, we can just focus on the hockey, with a side of good blogs. Habs Eyes on the Prize (with the official Hacks with Haggs Seal of Disapproval) and Stanley Cup of Chowdah will have you covered on that front.

As we go through the playoffs, we like to allow reads to make their picks for each series and elaborate in comments. But before you make your pick on this series (poll is at the bottom), it's time to hold you to account for the last round.

I picked the Lightning in seven. Oops.

Here is how you all voted in the first round series, Montreal vs. Tampa Bay: Only 42 percent picked Montreal, and only four percent picked Montreal to sweep. (Understandable. Sweeps are rare.)