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New York Islanders vs. Ottawa Senators: Last trip home

Tuesday night's alright for fighting, Tuesday night's alright alright.

The backup goalie can't bear to watch.
The backup goalie can't bear to watch.
Marc DesRosiers-USA TODAY Sports

For their final home game of the season, tonight the New York Islanders host the Ottawa Senators, and they can't even pretend to play the role of spoiler. Things for both sides are already spoiled.

However, the entertainment for the night (aside from the goalie mismatch) could be Brett Gallant getting his NHL debut -- in a sense giving Matt Carkner a run for his money in the fight early and often race.

So there's that.

(You can also talk about Vancouver firing Mike Gillis, which became a topic in the a.m. thread.)

Senators (33-31-14, 6th/New Atlantic) @ Islanders (31-36-11, 8th/Metro)
7 p.m. EDT | MSG+ | WRHU/WRCN
Nassau [gloriously unsponsored] Veterans Memorial Coliseum
The already spoiled:
Silver Seven

Gallant's parents made it for the game -- how weird would it be going to your first son's NHL game knowing the chief expectation is that he gets in a fight? -- so that is cool for the Gallants.

In his quote from the morning skate, Gallant showed that he has already attended the required number of meetings:

I keep it simple, I play tough. I stick up for my teammates. I have to get the puck in and out at both blue lines and play hard.

No "smart" in there but we'll take the "keep it simple" as "smart," and pass him through Islanders Hockey Cliches 301.

Thank You for Coming, Though. Seriously, Thanks.

Matt Martin:

It wasn’t the season we thought we were going to have, but the fans have pretty well been here all year. Even down the stretch, we’ve had some pretty good crowds at home. With all the injuries and guys out of the lineup, the fans show us how much they care and how much they support us. We’re thankful to still have them watching us.

From a Lighthouse Hockey perspective, I echo that sentiment. Thanks for continuing to show up, read, contribute, and make us laugh. You make this prison bearable.

Hopefully there are more than 41 home games left at Nassau Coliseum.

Lineup Notes

Craig Anderson starts for the Senators, after really looking awful getting torched by the Canadiens. (So, maybe not so bad a mismatch...?)

Technically the Senators aren't eliminated from playoff contention yet, but they need so many things to go right they aren't even worth delineating. The Isles could lose 10-0 tonight and the Sens could still finish the evening eliminated.

Speaking of which...

...You Sound So Familiar

From Silver Seven, digesting Ottawa's season:

For all of Ottawa's defensive problems, they would likely be very close to a playoff spot with even average goaltending. League average goaltending going into last night was a 91.35% save percentage and 91.72% for goalies with at least 40 games. The Senators would give up 13 less goals with league average goaltending and 23 less goals with average starting goaltending.

Ugh. These opponents deserve one another.