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New TMZ tape reveals Donald Sterling does not know L.A. hockey team plays in Staples Center

The embattled Clippers owner is unaware his team shares an arena with the Los Angeles Kings.

What the hell are these guys doing here?
What the hell are these guys doing here?

LOS ANGELES (Lighthouse Press) _ Just days after publishing an audio tape reportedly featuring Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling making shocking racist comments to his girlfriend, gossip site TMZ has released a second tape that reveals Sterling does not know that his team shares an arena with L.A.'s NHL team, the Kings.

The five minute recording, which, according to TMZ chronologically proceeds the tape it released on Friday, contains a man believed to be Sterling sounding incredulous that Staples Center would also be the home to an ice hockey team.

The conversation with his girlfriend, V. Stiviano, stemmed from Stiviano posting personal photos on Instagram showing her with several members of the Kings, who Sterling did not recognize. As the argument grew more heated, Sterling, 80, mistook the hockey players as local ne'er-do-wells or criminals that Stiviano had been seeing behind his back.


Stiviano: I don't understand, I don't see your views. They're nice guys. Dowds, Quicky, Kopi, Richie...

Sterling: Well then, if you like them so much, don't come to my games. Don't bring these toothless, scruffy ragamuffins, and don't come.

Stiviano: Do you know that they play for the hockey team that plays in the same arena as the basketball team you own?

Sterling: You just... do I know? You think I don't know what happens at the arena? I know everything that happens at the arena. Clippers, Lakers, concerts. That's it. A hockey team at Staples Center? Why the hell would they play hockey at Staples Center? The floor is made of wood, not ice. Or did your Eskimo friends not tell you that? Get lost.

Stiviano goes on to tell Sterling the players names, uniform numbers and positions, but Sterling refuses to listen. He continues to insist that Los Angeles could not support a hockey team because the climate is too warm and celebrities can't be seen sitting in the stands.

Sterling: It's the weather! You go to Florida, Texas, Arizona. They don't play hockey there, either.

Stiviano: Yes they do. So why do you have to treat them like that?

Sterling: The hockey player is a criminal, do you understand? Canada kicks them out and they come here to kill animals and steal our women.

Stiviano: Are hockey players worse than blacks?

Sterling: Now you're being unreasonable.

The Kings have shared Staples Center with the Lakers and Clippers since the arena opened in 1999. They won the franchise's first Stanley Cup in 2012.

The hockey player is a criminal, do you understand? Canada kicks them out and they come here to kill animals and steal our women. - L.A. Clippers owner Donald Sterling

Sterling, a real estate mogul who bought the then-San Diego Clippers in 1981, has been known for insensitive and racist behavior through the years. In one high-profile suit in 2009, he was forced to pay almost $3 million to settle a case alleging he discriminated against African-Americans, Hispanics and other minorities in his buildings. The NBA is investigating taking further action against Sterling after the TMZ audio tape went public.

So while the prejudiced invective from Sterling isn't surprising, many are shocked that in 2014 he still didn't know a professional hockey team has been skating for 15 years - and winning a championship - on the same spot where he sits courtside to watch the basketball team he owns.

"Donald Sterling is a very busy man with many interests," said one NBA executive who chose to remain anonymous. "In addition to the real estate, the Clippers and the pending lawsuits against him, there's also the cotton fields he owns, the human auctions he oversees and the opulent plantation where he entertains heads of state and Hollywood royalty. It's not surprising that hockey would escape him.

"In fact, just after the Kings won the Cup, a few of their players sat right next to Sterling at a Clippers game wearing their black-and-white home jerseys. Sterling asked me after the game when Staples Center started butler service and 'why the manservents were wearing those strange tuxedos with numbers.'"


THIS IS SATIRE. IT'S NOT REAL. F-A-K-E. We do these from time to time. Donald Sterling is a very real creep, though.