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Wednesday Playoff Thread: PIT-CBJ, ANA-DAL, STL-CHI

Watch the hockey, or we'll buy this team.

Not this year, in-law.
Not this year, in-law.
Victor Decolongon

Not sure how many of you folks desire a playoff watching thread (though it seems there is demand on the precise nights we don't post one), but here's a chat room for Wednesday night's game, with horrifyingly feature a Ducks lineup without Teemu Selanne (healthy scratch).

Pittsburgh - Columbus 7:00 PM ET      CBC,RDS,NBCSN,ROOT,FS-O
Anaheim - Dallas 8:00 PM ET              TSN,CNBC,RDS2,PRIME,FS-SW
St. Louis - Chicago 9:30 PM ET            CBC,RDS,NBCSN,FS-MW,CSN-CH


While you're waiting, watch every Stanley Cup celebration since 1949 in three minutes. (But linger particularly at 1:04 to 1:11, then ignore everything else.)