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Islanders News: Wrapping up Bridgeport's injury- and callup-riddled season

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So many players used, so few goalies.

Bruce Bennett

The Bridgeport Sound Tigers held their debriefings and breakups this week, so Michael Fornabaio in the Connecticut Post has a wrap on their season: "The challenge all year for the Sound Tigers was to translate a young and ever-changing roster into a successful team." A total of 65 players were used, from all walks of hockey, with predictable team results

Beyond that, a lot of painstaking recording and transcribing for the breakup quotes from a number of future (hopefully) Islanders, so go check that out for observations on the record and schedule, a look at contracts plus stuff like this from Scott Mayfield

I need to kind of get bigger. That’s going to be a focal point, adding a few pounds and making sure my skating’s still there. You need quicker decisions. Guys are on you a lot quicker.

It's funny, and you hear it so often that it feels cliche, but it's true: The most frequent observation from kids jumping to the AHL from juniors or even NCAA is the need to get stronger, faster, prepare for quicker decisions. To a man the many Islanders prospects (including some late-season PTOs) said that, plus more on their individual experiences.

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