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Easter Hockey Bits: Bridgeport season ends without a goal

Enjoy your holiday, if it's a holiday for you. But it's a day of hockey for everyone.

Bruce Bennett

A few Islanders reads, plus an open thread for Sunday's playoff hockey:

  • Catching up with Andrew MacDonald: "With the Islanders, [the four-year, $2.2-million deal] gave me an opportunity to establish myself. It was maybe a little bit longer than I would have liked, but it gave me lots of opportunities to show what I can do." [Newsday]
  • Bridgeport ended its winlless streak at 12 with a nice comeback OT win on Friday. Then they ended the season by being shut out, though Kevin Poulin went out with a "spectacular" effort. [CT Post and Soundin' Off]
  • The Syracuse Crunch owners is again talking about a buddy who might want to buy the Isles. We riffed on that here.
  • A Buffalo "columnist" devotes his error-laden column to mocking Garth Snow because ... slow day in Buffalo. (Pretty amusing to see the editors/headline writers' visible struggle with how to put a label on this effluvia.) [Buffalo News]

Yesterday, the Blues and Avalanche went up 2-0 in their respective series, while Columbus tied up the series with Pittsburgh 1-1. After the early game, Brent Seabrook has a phone hearing today for this dumb hit. [NHL]

Here is a prettily packaged rundown of what happened Saturday, as well as the schedule of games for today. Enjoy.