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[Back-to-Back Bits] Cats Cornered, Martin is Nystrom, McDonald is Masterton, Finkle is Einhorn

Halmo SpaghettiO's.

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Back off, Bjug.
Back off, Bjug.
Bruce Bennett

Yup, don't hide it. You know you watched it. So did we. You are among friends. But the Islanders had to celebrate on the plane. They're on tonight in Ottawa.

FIG picks for the game against the Senators can be registered here.

Islanders stuff:

  • Recaps: LHH | New$day | NY Post | Islanders | Litter Box Cats
  • The Skinny versus the PanthersPlaying without John Tavares, the Isles are 8-5-2 since the Olympic break...
  • For those who missed it, Howie Rose called out Nassau County last night  for downgrading itself  to minor league status.
  • We hashed over this cursory  Kevin Allen USA story on Tuesday but, basically, Garth Snow is going to lose a high draft pick either this year or next year because this year's Islanders were garbage and next year's Islanders will be garbage because that's how the world works or something like that.
  • Speaking of which, the Canadiens clinched a playoff berth last night, meaning the Islanders acquired their second round pick in the Thomas Vanek trade. Of course, it also means the Islanders lost a fifth rounder, which I'm sure is a huge deal to someone. [Point Blank]
  • Matt Martin received his third Bob Nystrom Award for perseverance and all that other Nystrom-y stuff last night. After three, you have to grow a mustache. That's a team rule.
  • Colin McDonald is the Islanders nominee to lose to Minnesota's Josh Harding for this year's Masterton Trophy. I'm happy for McDonald, but I wish he had had a better season. I bet he does, too.  [New$day]
  • The Sound Tigers lost to Springfield 3-1 on Tuesday afternoon while you were at work and had no idea they were playing. And that about does it for Bridgeport, who were officially eliminated from the AHL playoffs. [Soundin Off]
  • Ryan Lambert on Andrew MacDonald, who has really solidified and fortified the Flyers. Or not.
  • Jiggs McDonald on his Atlanta Flames days with Boom Boom Geoffrion. [Inside Hockey]


  • Last night's NHL scores. The Capitals pooped the bed in their "playoff push" and the Leafs snapped their losing streak at eight games. Oh, and the Devils lost ANOTHER shootout, this time to the Sabres.
  • Douglas Murray y u elbo? How about you take a Shana-cation? [SB Nation]
  • The NHL's latest marketing brainstorm is having actor Nick Kroll (of The League and The Kroll Show) "steal" the Stanley Cup. Try not to get to pine for the Guardian Project too much. [Puck Daddy]
  • One Oilers fan is going through some Stockholm Syndrome kinda mental thing and Pension Plan Puppets find it hilarious (as will you).
  • You may have seen the video of two minor league hockey players squaring off for a fight, only to hug and pull a beer out of their hockey pants. Well, they're suspended. Puck Daddy also details how they planned the stunt.
  • The Jets were up 4-0 on Anaheim on Monday night. Final score: Ducks 5, Jets 4 in OT. Rough lesson for Winnipeg on score effects. [Justin Bourne at, ironically, The Score]
  • Brian Burke is a blowhard and a cartoon character, but he's also a tireless fighter for gay rights and getting homophobia out of sports.
  • Down Goes Brown looks at the must-watch games for the rest of the season. The Islanders are mostly found among the must-not-watch games. [Grantland]

Mike Halmo on his first NHL goal, the details of which he'll probably remember forever.