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New York Islanders Sale Talks: Multiple buyers showing interest

The lease in Brooklyn has reportedly attracted new bidders besides Andrew Barroway.

An opportunity?
An opportunity?
Bruce Bennett

Andrew Barroway is "no longer alone in his pursuit of the New York Islanders," according to the Sports Business Journal's Chris Botta.

Citing a financial industry source, Botta reports there are at least two additional parties pursuing a purchase from owner Charles Wang -- a logical outcome given the team's pending 2015 move to Brooklyn and the widespread news that Barroway, a Philadelphia lawyer and hedge fund alchemist, has been assembling a bid in discussions with Wang.

"The Islanders are now an attractive commodity.” -surreal quote

Botta has previously reported that recent discussions with Wang valued the franchise at $370 million, a price that would require Barroway to either build a multi-party bid or take less than a full stake in the club.

The most surreal quote: "The Islanders are now an attractive commodity."

As always with this kind of report, it's unclear when additional parties expressed interest and how serious they are. The cautionary refrain is in order: It's early, no sale is imminent, and all franchise sale reports are subject to last-minute shifts.

But it increasingly sounds like Wang, who turns 70 in August, is listening to potential end games for his ownership of the franchise.