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2014 NHL Playoff Pick 'em: Short Island Smurfs vs. Philadelphia Fl-whatevers

No good can come of this.

You both can go to hell.
You both can go to hell.
Anthony Gruppuso-USA TODAY Sport

Continuing our annual polls for each playoff series, we come to a matchup between Beelzebub and the Princes of Darkness.

For a New York Islanders fan, there is no winner here without carnage, ruin, and tears among the fans of our hated rivals.

But you can still look at it from an objective way too (really, you can try), and let us know what you think. Personally, I don't think the Flyers have a chance, though I'll be hoping for good things for ex-Isles Mark Streit and Andrew MacDonald (even though I thought it was the right move to cut bait with both, and I look forward to their aging expensive years in Philly).

Schedule, TV
Game Date Time (ET) Eastern Conference First Round National TV
1 Thu, Apr 17 7 p.m. Philadelphia at NY Rangers CNBC, TSN
2 Sun, Apr 20 Noon Philadelphia at NY Rangers NBC, TSN
3 Tue, Apr 22 8 p.m. NY Rangers at Philadelphia CNBC, TSN
4 Fri, Apr 25 7 p.m. NY Rangers at Philadelphia CNBC, TSN
5* Sun, Apr 27 Noon Philadelphia at NY Rangers NBC, TSN
6* Tue, Apr 29 TBD NY Rangers at Philadelphia TSN
7* Wed, Apr 30 TBD Philadelphia at NY Rangers TSN

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What They're Saying

The less, the better. This series will get plenty of exposure and hyperbole on its own.


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