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Islanders News: John Tavares talks linemates, coaching, Brock Nelson

John Tavares likes the logjam at center.

"So you're saying I can stay?"
"So you're saying I can stay?"
Bruce Bennett

The New York Islanders completed "cleanout" earlier this week [insert your own quip about cleaning out your scapegoats here], and there are lots of media scrum videos on the official site you can sift through.

At the Newsday Isles Files blog, Arthur Staple captured a range of topics from the captain John Tavares, including:

  • Who will be his left wing?: Referenced the "logjam" at center and mentioned he "really enjoyed playing with" Brock Nelson, calling him a special player with some good chemistry together.
  • Coaches: "...we’ve had success with Cap. Same with Dougie and Tommer. All those guys bring something different to the table and we had success with it last year. For whatever reason we’ll have to figure out why it didn’t work this year and we as players will have to make some changes..."
  • On what his exit meeting would include: "If we want to win consistently here, we can’t keep going through the things we have. So when we talk and we’re asked for opinions, I’ll certainly give mine and it’ll be up to them to make the changes they feel are necessary."

Plenty more on those topics and others at Isles Files, but that's plenty for discussion fodder. And look for more in the coming days, or scan the videos for gems.


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