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2014 Lighthouse Hockey Playoff Bracket Pool

Put your picks where your poll is. (That's how that goes, right?)

"You're next."
"You're next."
Jim McIsaac

The annual Lighthouse Hockey NHL playoff bracket pool is back this year, hosted at the same site as last year, officepooljunkie. As normal, there is no charge for joining the pool, and the winner gets the joy of enlightenment.

Last year's winner was Frans, with Zhora losing the tiebreaker and PYinSC finishing third. The previous year was Benhasna's year, with Francesca, Ozzyfan and CharlotteIslesFan all tying for second. (Obviously the Swiss were stronger that year.)

You can follow this link and create your pool, you may have to create an account. If for some reason it asks you for a password, the password is 1234, the same as my luggage.

The pool is largely the same setup as the last few years:

  • 1 point for each winner selected in the Quarterfinals
  • 2 points for each winner selected in the Semifinals
  • 3 points for each winner selected from the Conference Finals
  • 4 points for selecting the Cup winner

The tiebreaker is the amount of goals scored in the Cup-clinching game. This year you also get 1 point for every upset chosen. So if you pick those plucky Blue Jackets to go all the way and they do, you'd have an extra 4 points.

This is the fourth year of the pool, and thanks to everyone who bugged Dom to get me going on this. Also let's hope there's a little more competition this year, as about half of us were basically eliminated after the first round for picking the Islanders to go all the way. (Homers.)

If anyone has any issues, feel free to email me. The pool closes at 11:45 PM Friday night. I realize this might give a bit of an advantage to those who do last-second pools, but I want to make sure everyone can get in.

As always, thanks for playing!

Note: This is different than the series-by-series polls we do each year, but those and this and any other playoff-related discussions will be collected in this single stream. So visit that link to navigate your way.