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Video: Douglas Murray hits Johan Sundstrom out of the game, because he's Douglas Murray

Douglas Murray did a Douglas Murray thing. Johan Sundstrom suffers the consequences.

This is how Douglas Murray handled his first game back from a three-game suspension for elbowing Michael Kostka so hard and so cheaply that Kostka lay on the ice for a good minute:


That's New York Islanders rookie Johan Sundstrom he's laying out. Murray was ejected from the game with a match penalty; Sundstrom was sent to the hospital for observation.

To be fair to Murray (should we bother being fair?), its wasn't a headshot this time -- and Murray may even be a victim of circumstance and reputation here. Sundstrom turned from what, if Murray's career is our guide, was very likely an attempt to separate Sundstrom's head from his body. Murray was too slow to react -- that is a general theme for these last few waning years of his career -- and instead drove Sundstrom face-first into the boards.

Murray was once a decent NHL defenseman known for his big hits. These days, he's a bad defenseman who is too slow to legally deliver his trademark big hits.

It's a bit of a problem for Murray and what's left of his career. It's also a problem for the victims caught as collateral damage while Murray and his employers slowly realize it.