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Final LHH Power Rankings of the Season

Due to a variety of reasons, this will be the last power rankings post of the season. My heart will go on.

Tell your GM I'll trade him five ones for a twenty.
Tell your GM I'll trade him five ones for a twenty.
Marianne Helm

This was going to be the final rankings post of the season, regardless of how well the Islanders are playing, which players are/aren't on the team, or any other reason you might think.

As it turns out, a certain website (*cough-Yahoo Canada-cough!*) whose reported scores I copy and paste into my spreadsheet, decided to change its format recently. To copy and paste the scores from another site has proven to be a disaster. It would take way too long for me to do that, so I'll have to wait 'til next year (much like our team) in order to revamp my spreadsheet, so that all numbers end up where they should.

But since you probably thought it, I will go on and say it... What Islanders fan on earth could possibly want to track how well the Islanders are doing by any standings metric anymore? If the season hasn't gone badly enough already, the temporary loss of John Tavares and permanent loss of Thomas Vanek tells you where the Isles will end up this year.

But fine, since it's a power rankings post, might as well post that of other sites:

Weekly Roundup of Opinion Polls

Site Published Ranking Comments
CBS 3/3/2014 30 For giving up four goals in the third period against Florida, they earn the bottom this week. Two wins in 11 games (1-2 last week) don't help either.
ESPN 3/3/2014 29 How much can Islanders fans endure? Their faith is certainly being tested as the woeful Isles blew a third-period lead and allowed the Panthers to rattle off four unanswered goals in Sunday's devastating loss. With both Thomas Vanek and Andrew MacDonald expected to be dealt, things are going to continue to look bleak.
TSN 3/3/2014 28 One regulation win in the past 11 games and their best player is out for the year. Other than that, everything's great.
Fox Sports 3/5/2014 27 GOOD NEWS: Franchise cornerstone John Tavares won’t need surgery to repair his injured knee.
BAD NEWS: The team went into in a 2-7-1 slide amid all the trade rumors. Trading defenseman Andrew MacDonald won’t make things better. He played a lot of minutes.
BOTTOM LINE: This team took a big step back this season after failing to re-sign pending free agent Thomas Vanek. They got a very poor return for him in a bailout trade. Will this rebuilding process ever end?
Sports Illustrated 3/4/2014 27 With John Tavares sidelined for the season and just two wins to show for their past 11 games, the playoff return dream is dead for the 2013-14 Isles. All that's left now is for GM Garth Snow to maximize the returns on Thomas Vanek and Andrew MacDonald. He'll have a tough time getting the first rounder he's asking for MacDonald, but Vanek did him a favor by scoring twice in 58 seconds in a 5-3 loss to the Panthers. Vanek has the best hands that are up for auction at the deadline, which could mean a first rounder and a solid prospect will be coming back to the Isles in return.
Average 28.2 I'd love to take you up on that offer, Sports Illustrated.

The ESPN one was done by Katie Strang, by the way. When I first started compiling this table two days ago, the first thing that popped up in my head was "well, we endured YOU, didn't we?!" But now that the Vanek trade went down, I look at that first sentence and think we might have found the answer.

I have to tell you, I think I owe Yahoo Canada big time. Like many of you (I'm guessing), I feel like taking a break from this team. I know I can't quit them, and I'll be pulling for the young guys to put together a string of wins (forcing Snow to hold onto the 2015 first rounder instead of the 2014 one), but when the details of the Vanek trade filtered through my twitter stream, I pretty much had to step away from the team. Well, after a few parting shots in the form of my own tweets, anyways.

I'll still drop by and put in a few comments. And yes, I'll keep track of the FIGs. But it's mostly because I enjoy hearing what you guys have to say. Thanks for reading these admittedly dry posts, especially during this throwaway season.