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NHL Trade Deadline: Martin St. Louis trade, Marian Gaborik rumors kick off final day

This is your late morning trade deadline thread for leaguewide news.

Respect me!
Respect me!
Adam Hunger-USA TODAY Sports

After a burst of activity Tuesday afternoon, the NHL trade deadline hit its final stretch Wednesday morning, with reporters suggesting moves for disgruntled Martin St. Louis and unloved Marian Gaborik were imminent.

The Rangers reportedly dealt money-wanting captain Ryan Callahan for Tampa Bay's Olympic-wounded captain Martin St. Louis.

Russo, who covers the Wild -- Gaborik's longtime former team -- for the Minneapolis Star-Tribune, also writes that the Wild were discussing Drew Stafford with the Buffalo Sabres.

Brodeur Still Wants Out, Basically

Is it because he's Martin Brodeur that no one is calling him out for being a general mope ready to bail on the only team he's ever known simply for the hope of a few extra starts? He's not going to be a starter anywhere else, so why not be the 1B on the franchise he helped define?

Reports are that he has requested a trade and presented his list of acceptable teams to the Devils, who can take it or leave it. Jaromir Jagr tries to explain what's going on in Brodeur's head:

"What makes him happy is to play the game. If he plays the game here or somewhere else, it's up to him. I understand that. He doesn't want to sit around. It's not going to make him happy.

"There's no way without the competitiveness in your body that you can last for so long and play in the League at such a high level," Jagr said. "You have it inside. Once you lose it it's time to retire, but he didn't lose it. He wants to play. I understand that."

Fair enough. Life, and careers, are short. But it's odd to see a man who was given every bit of reverence -- even during some, ahem, embarrassing times -- request to leave his team in the middle of its playoff chase, all for the hope of a few extra starts.

More to come as more chaos ensues...