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[Bits] Weekend at Bernie's 3: Dead Team Walking

Starring Jonathan Silverman, Andrew McCarthy and Cal Clutterbuck as "Whiskers."

Big stick, right in the gut
Big stick, right in the gut
Bruce Bennett

For those with less mainstream tastes in film, I'll also mention Billy Wilder's The Lost Weekend, in which author Ray Milland goes on a drinking binge for two days. I haven't seen it for a long time, but I don't remember Milland's drunk character being an Islanders fan in the movie, which is surprising. See everyone in Winnipeg on Tuesday.

Islanders bits:

Out in the void:

  • Last night's NHL scores: The Senators beat the Canucks in the outdoor/indoor Tim Horton's Heritage Classic in a roofed BC Place and Ryan Miller won his first game for the Blues.
  • Mike Harrington of The Buffalo News gets the knives out in the wake of the Sabres' wild weekend, calling out Terry Pegula's yes men and putting the screws to new GM Tim Murray.
  • Ottawa avenged (I guess) their loss to the Vancouver Millionaires in the 1915 Stanley Cup final. One guy from the Millionaires team probably won't rest easy - his name was left off the Cup 100 years ago. [The Tyee]
  • Will Vancouver soon have a new rival in Seattle? Get ready for a ton of these stories coming soon. [Sporting News]
  • After yesterday's game, the Panthers picked up center Brandon Pirri from the Blackhawks for a couple of draft picks. [Pro Hockey Talk]
  • Defenseman Michael Rozsival was a Penguin during the lost years* between Jaromir Jagr and Sidney Crosby. Now, he's a Stanley Cup champion with the Blackhawks. [Post Gazette] (*Yes, those three whole seasons between one Hall of Famer leaving and another one magically showing up must have really been an ordeal for the poor, success-deprived Penguins fan. Why, how can anyone even stand to watch a team be bad for a handful of years? My stars! Bring me my fainting couch. I feel flush.)
  • Speaking of the Penguins, turns out they kind of need those Hall of Famers because the other guys on the roster aren't bringing much to the party. [Tyler Dellow at mc79hockey]
  • Remember that new publicly-funded arena the Red Wings are getting? Guess who's making profits off the money spent inside it. Hint: not the people of Detroit. [Free Press].
  • Also going in Detroit is a hilarious war of words between the Red Wings' sharp-tongued Swede Johan Franzen and Canadian chowderhead Chris Neil of the Senators. Oh snap! [Winging it in Motown]