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Islanders News: Anders Lee meets his old junior coach

Anders Lee gets rave reviews and fond recollections from his old REAL USHL coach, who has proven to be a REAL AHL coach and probably more.

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The oddly road warrior New York Islanders are in Tampa tonight to take on the Lightning. We want to make sure you're prepared.

Islanders and Vaguely Islanders-ish Things
  • Eric Hornick notes the crazy swing in the Islanders' road record this season (which should really be a death knell to all those hockey narratives about "they play tight/relaxed at home/road"): 17-17-1, they started 4-13-0 but are on a record 13-4-1 run.
  • Lightning coach Jon Cooper and Anders Lee pour praise on one another, as they were together in USHL Green Bay what seems like so long, long ago. [Newsday]
  • How are the Flyers using ex-Isle Andrew MacDonald? Slightly protected with fewer minutes, though not that many fewer. [BSH]
  • Staple blogs about Ryan Strome, Anders Nilsson and the injured Sebastian Collberg. [Newsday I$les File$]
  • SI with a weak (and in parts factually incorrect) rehash of why it's miserable to be an Isles fan.
  • Last night ex-Isle Nino Niederreiter hit Alex Burrows in the head (or was it?). [Twitter gif]
  • FIG Picks: Tonight's First Islanders Goal picks shall be left here, or else.
  • The Finnish "oracle" who inspires legions of Finnish goalies. [The Atlantic]
  • The Panthers fired their assistant GM Mike Santos, who came from the Predators organization and evidently opposed RUSHing players. [LBC]
  • I read this story about the Gaudreau brothers of B.C. and hear an, ahh, "active" mother who delivers some fun quotes: "I don’t think he gets he may be taking the spot of someone who has a wife and three kids."
  • Oh look, Don Cherry hates 'mericans. At least edumucated ones. [SBN]
  • This is old, but a fun sidebar to the Islanders' big third period in Vancouver last week: When the Canucks choked in '77. [Sun]
  • Five NHL uniforms that need a rebrand. [Too Many Men]
  • Turns out Brian Burke is actually a prematurely grey raccoon.
  • Is Dan Bylsma trying to get fired, or is that just a headline designed to get you to click for Penguins hate? [Pensburgh]
  • Better yet, enjoy the Pens pissed at each other for their top players taking dumb penalties. [Tribune]
  • Speaking of schadenfreude, Mirtle on the Leafs' house of cards. [Globe & Mail]
  • If the Canes made nice moves last summer (on paper), what's the problem? [Canes Country]
  • The best pre-Synergy sticks? (My answer: All of them.) [The Score]
  • Also from Bourne: The two types of "players only" meetings.

Well, after Dan got that song stuck in your head yesterday, here's my contribution of people who may bother you: