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[Bits] Set me to an early lead, you just keep me hanging on

Entertaining trees falling in the forest.

Err...piece of cake. Yeah, that's it...
Err...piece of cake. Yeah, that's it...
James Guillory-USA TODAY Sports

If you saw the Islanders take a 4-0 lead in the first period last night and expected them to clamp down and coast to an easy win, I congratulate you on watching and surviving your first New York Islanders game. Next one is Thursday evening in Tampa.

Islanders news:

  • Recaps: LHH | Arthur Staple's recap in New$day includes the difference between this season's late visit to Raleigh versus last year's | Islanders | Point Blank | Canes Country
  • The Skinny from Eric Hornick. Time Flies: 12 years ago [last] night (3-25-02): Alexei Yashin had four goals as the Islanders pounded the Blackhawks 9-2 in the United Center.
  • Buyout options for Islanders players. Spoiler alert: it's a short list. [The Checking Line]
  • Reader Dougtone with some photos from Sunday's game against Columbus. [Fanshot]


  • Last night's NHL Scores. Maple Leafs lose (again), Blue Jackets go and steal one from the Red Wings. A four way tie for the wild card spot in the East makes for a fun next few weeks.
  • NHL Teams: if you're going to run a Twitter Q&A for one of your players, be careful. Exhibit A: the Penguins hijacked #AskNeal Affair. [Crossing Broad]
  • Once again, Down Goes Brown sets the record straight on some NHL "facts." [Grantland]
  • Nice read from Canes Country on Jim Rutherford: the Father of Triangle Hockey and the man who build Carolina's family atmosphere.
  • Seeing live NHL games is expensive. How expensive? [Nucks Misconduct]
  • San Jose Sharks: They are very good. []
  • Today's #fancystats Advanced Classes:
    • How Cup contenders are really built. [Silver Seven].
    • Tyler Dellow on why Corsi matters. [mc79hockey]
    • Travis Yost on how teams improved on special teams from last year. [Hockey Buzz]
  • UMASS-Lowell defenseman Christian Folin is getting major interest from NHL teams. [CBS Sports]
  • Rangers color man Joe Micheletti tore his Achilles in a pick-up basketball game. Usually when Dolan employees get hurt shooting hoops, they play for the Knicks. [North]
  • RIP Tim Sassone, venerable Chicago sports writer. [Sherman Report]
  • RIP Ralph Wilson venerable Buffalo Bills owner and football Hall of Famer. [Buffalo Rumblings]
  • What the puck is this thing? [Deadspin]

Good luck getting this out of your head today.