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Okie Dokey: Islanders Okposo named one of the NHL's "Three Stars" of the Week

Forward's breakout season continues. Next stop: The Tonight Show!

Don't make me angry
Don't make me angry
Anthony Gruppuso-USA TODAY Sport

It's been a bumpy season for the Islanders, with ups and downs conspiring to keep the team, once again, relegated to the wallflower status when the playoff dancing starts in a few weeks.

But a persistent bright spot has been the play of Kyle Okposo, who has been excellent since opening day and hasn't slowed down, regardless of who's playing (or not playing) on his line.

Okposo was named one of the NHL's "Three Stars" of the past week, coming in second between Blue Jackets goalie Sergei Bobrovsky and Sharks netminder Antti Niemi. Okposo finished the week with a goal and six assists in the Islanders three games, a crazy comeback win over the Canucks, a loss to San Jose on Friday night and a win over Buffalo a day later.

Okposo is having the type of year fans have been expecting from him since his eye-opening rookie season in 2008. He's shown stretches of bull-rushing brilliance in past seasons and a had 24-goal year in 2011-12, which was followed up by a very disappointing lockout shortened season last year. No season has come together for Okposo quite like this one has.

Since last year's playoff appearance against the Penguins, Okposo has played like a man possessed, or least a guy who's really driven. He's achieved career highs in every category this year with 27 goals, 42 assists and 69 points and is currently tied for fourth in the NHL in scoring. In nine games since returning from the Olympic Break, and without injured linemate John Tavares, Okposo has three goals and seven assists for 10 points.

Hell, the guy practically got his own TV show, with NBCSN's NHL Revealed following Kyle and his family through the birth of his daughter as well as his time on the ice. For media-starved Islanders fans, the show was neat look into the personalities we don't often get to see, and Okposo was front and center of the whole production. In other words, everything's coming up Okposo.

So, yeah, this season went sideways in a few unexpected (and more than a few expected) ways, but Okposo's impressive emergence has been a enjoyable and comforting reason to keep watching.