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Reactions to Islanders vs. Canucks 3rd-Period Onslaught

Season lost? Yeah. But historic night? Also yeah. Here are a few reactions, just because.

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Bad Dane, or good Dane? Turns out this is the penalty that started it all.
Bad Dane, or good Dane? Turns out this is the penalty that started it all.
Anne-Marie Sorvin-USA TODAY Spor

Last night was a sombre (but ultimately relieved?) night in the NHL as many watched the aftermath of Rich Peverly passing out on the Dallas Stars bench from a heart condition. Without projecting too much, you wonder if he'll be allowed to play again and you just thank Bossy he's still alive.

However, we can't let that rude Real Life interruption bury what happened in Vancouver. Namely, a historic third period in which the New York Islanders tied franchise records for themselves and for (or rather at the expense of) the Vancouver Canucks.

Inspired somewhat by Matchsticks & Gasoline using our (and by "our" I mean "Dan's") misery for good, here is a look at some in-the-moment reactions to the game most of you should have slept through.

"We had a good talk after the second and it went just how we wanted it to go. I don't think we could have expected it to go like that, really."

Colin McDonald, via Newsday

Here's Vancouver's Ryan Kesler, who wants out but still plays like he wants in:

Kesler must must have forgotten that the National Hockey League includes the Isles:

"us battling back ... then 10 seconds later they go back up? I mean, It's the National Hockey League. It can't happen."

Dude, it happens. Way too often. Trust us.

Regarding Tom Sestito, Convenient Idiot:

I like Anders Lee. Do you like Anders Lee?

Learn yourself some history:

Random bursts of Danish love:

The game was rare in that it featured three Denmark natives - Jensen and Jannik Hansen of the Canucks and Nielsen of the Islanders. All three of them earned points.

-Canadian Press

In which media gawk at the Canucks:

In which Western rivals gawk at the Canucks:

@Lord_Bob Mar 11, 12:17am via Twitter for iPhone

The best part is that Vancouver fans still have NO IDEA what a truly bad hockey team looks like.

Finally, as Dan also alludes to in the morning bits post, more from (one of) our mad Irishma(e)n:

Pretty much, yeah.