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[Bits] What in the wide wide world of sports is 'a going on here?

Pandemonium on the Pacific.

Anne-Marie Sorvin-USA TODAY Spor

The world is still trying to process how the Islanders not only stormed back from 3-0 down to rout the Canucks, but may have destroyed a franchise and the will of its entire fanbase. What a great feeling.

Islanders news:

  • Recaps: LHH | New$day | IPB | Islanders | Nucks Misconduct | Pass it to Bulis
  • The BC Skinny with more on the Islanders' record-setting period. "The Isles recorded 19 points in the thirdperiod, setting a club record for a road period."

  • With his partner traded and his team listing, Travis Hamonic is looking to take more of a leadership role. [New$day]
  • The Edmonton Journal talked to Bill Torrey about the Butch Goring trade that was somewhat of an important event in Islanders history. When looking to upgrade his forwards, Ol' Butchie wasn't Torrey's first choice and no, I'm not talking about the Dave Keon story, either. Very cool stuff.
  • Oilers blogger Pat McLean talks rebuilds good, bad and ugly. He combines the Islanders' Snow and Milbury eras into one and they come in at No. 7! Hey, that's... really low? Anyway, read it at Black Dog Hates Skunks. The other two parts are here and here.


  • Last night's NHL scores. Seth Jones led the Predators over the Senators in OT and the Leafs won in Anaheim.
  • Big scary news from last night was the collapse of Dallas forward Rich Peverley on the Stars bench during their game against the Blue Jackets. He was conscious and taken to the hospital, and the game was postponed. Earlier this year, Peverley missed time with a heart ailment. All the best to him.
  • Oh, and Ottawa's Cody Ceci took a Shea Weber slap shot in the face.
  • After an eternity of waiting, Russian import Evgeny Kuznetsov finally suited up for the Capitals last night. Becca at Japers Rink talks about expectations and where he Kuznetsov fits in Washington.
  • Elliotte Friedman summarizes day one of the NHL GMs meeting and getting quotes from pretty much everyone because he's Elliotte Friedman. in short, 3-on-3 OT looks dead, coach's challenges are tenuously on the table and Doug Wilson talks face-offs.
  • Your new Hockey Night in Canada crew will be hosted by TV presenter, Habs fan and earring enthusiast George Stroumboulopoulos. Don't worry, Don Cherry will return to his corner with Ron Maclean. Meanwhile, we dirty yanks are stuck with the Screamin' Eagles: Doc, Edzo, Pierre, Mad Mike, JR and Jonesy. I'm moving. [Puck Daddy]
  • Speaking of NHL analysts, Eric T tries to figure out who's actually worth listening to. [Outnumbered]
  • [Slideshow!] At Bleacher Report, Jonathan Willis ranks all 30 NHL prospect pools following the trade deadline. Islanders come in at No. 7 and the Sabres are No. 1.
  • The Pensblog carves up Ray Shero's drafting failures with a million precision cuts. Extremely in-depth criticism here that's well worth the time.
  • Do the Flyers have too many no-trade clauses on their roster, plus a list of how many each team is carrying. Goddamn Kings win again. [Broad Street Hockey]
  • When discussing new addition Marian Gaborik, Los Angeles coach Darryl Sutter gets to the heart of puck possession and teams that think they play defense (but really don't). [Edmonton Journal]
  • Don't sucker punch the Flabuse, Jordan Nolan, or you get suspended for a game.
  • This Avalanche music video is ridiculous and stupid and completely embarrassing. It's also fun as hell. Winning teams get to have fun and be silly. Losers get called a "tire fire" on national TV. [Puck Daddy]

Keith was slinging hot fire all night. This is still cracking me up and should be added to Islanders fan philosophy books forever: