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NHL trade deadline: Bruins on MacDonald, Penguins on Kesler, Sabres flipping Stewart?

Chris Stewart is a Sabre now. Should he remain one? And do they know who's in charge?

The Rangers have re-signed their own version of Andrew MacDonald.
The Rangers have re-signed their own version of Andrew MacDonald.
Bruce Bennett

Here is our daily roundup of hot scuttlebutt action as we gain steam toward Wednesday's NHL Trade Deadline. Though much of it is focused on potential trades, there are rumors of something afoot in the Sabres front office.

Feel free to add your own (with links or citation please) in comments. But if you're doing the armchair GM thing, please also try to be somewhat realistic and not so HFboards-ish.

Further Front Office Shakeup in Buffalo?

...This could be anything, but could also be kinda crazy:

Alright, what has Ted Nolan allegedly done now?

Or is it...

Say it ain't so, Patty! (This is where I caution that no one has confirmed what, if anything is going on. This is all reaction to early rumors. Consult your trusted local news source for the latest. Though Bob McKenzie says the rumors focus on LaFontaine.)

Update: It's official. LaFontaine has resigned in Buffalo.

So just for fun...

Anyway, back to trade deadline nonsense...

Sabres Looking to Flip Stewart?

Chris Stewart was inconsistent, made a sizable salary on a cap-ceiling team, and was nowhere near the Blues' top six at forward, so the interesting thing about him being included in the Ryan Miller trade is what Buffalo will do with him. Despite his flaws, he did lead the Blues in offense in the lockout-shortened 2013 season.

And he's signed through 204-15. So give him some top six minutes and he will likely produce and provide some entertainment -- he fights to -- for Sabres fans suffering through their rebuild.

On the other hand, he's sought by others. Should the Sabres cash him in for another pick, or be grateful that they've added a player who can, you know, play?

TSN's Pierre LeBrun is among those believing the Sabres are shopping Stewart. On that note, Ottawa could make sense since they prefer not getting a rental (and their GMs are related, which never hurts except when there are Sutters involved.)

Also, here are the draft pick conditions in the Miller trade:

If the Blues make the Western Conference final this year or re-sign Miller prior to the draft, Buffalo gets St. Louis' first-round pick this year.

If the Blues sign Miller to an extension after the 2014 draft, they give Buffalo a second-round pick in 2016. And according to, if the Sabres do, in fact, land St. Louis' No. 1 pick this year, they will give the Blues the second-round pick this June obtained as part of the Jason Pominville deal last April and their third-round pick.

Bruins Too Young, Need A. MacDonald?

Just as every team wants defense all the time, it seems there is a sense the Bruins want the proverbial "veteran experience" -- particularly on the blueline, where Dennis Seidenberg is out for the season and they are relying on some nice youngsters.

Luedeke is among several figuring the Islanders' Andrew MacDonald is the target, especially if the price comes down:

Rangers Sign Girardi

Speaking of MacDonald, a similar name in play was Dan Girardi, though he and the Rangers always looked headed toward an extension. Indeed, they reached one, for six years at $5.5 million per. Happy payday, A-Mac.

Penguins 'Very Interested' in Kesler?

As has been widely reported, the Vancouver Canucks have a Ryan Kesler problem. Which team would it suck to see him end up with?

Hopefully this is the only time Lighthouse Hockey ever uses "Yinz," even in quote form.

UPDATE: Much more on Penguins' pursuit of Kesler here.