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Islanders News: Inside the Vanek Room

Let's see how many "Vanek/Panic" rhymes we can use over the next few days.

I'm still here
I'm still here
Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

Hey, there's a game tonight. That'll take everyone's minds off the Islanders' negotiations with Thomas Vanek, right? Haha, of course not. Islanders fans never forget.

Islanders notes:

  • Brett Cyrgalis expands on Arthur Staple's original report on the breakdown between Vanek and the team. Money quote: "It's not a battle over dollars," a league source said. "It's mostly [Vanek's] desire to make that decision now, or make that decision later."
  • Staple updates his own story with a few details, but the broad strokes remain the same. [New$day]
  • Some further comments from Vanek discussing the negotiation. [LHH]
  • Puck Daddy's Sean Leahy on Garth Snow's chance to right his (ballsy) mistake.
  • Non-Vanek Islanders stuff: A guest at Islanders Point Blank takes a good hard look at the Islanders penalty killing without, I assume, vomiting.
  • Friend of the blog E. David Morris goes into Lubomir Visnovsky's concussion treatment, and "prolotherapy." [Undisclosed Injury]
  • FIG Picks: Leave 'em here for tonight's game.


  • Last night's NHL scores. In the Battle of 30th Place, the Oilers are victorious over the Sabres. Um, good for them? And the Devils let 58 minutes of good work slip away in about three minutes, losing in OT. Sounds familiar.
  • Defending Alexander Ovechkin. From misguided critics. Not, like, on the ice. That's almost impossible. []
  • You know that play the Caps run on EVERY power play? The one where they feed Ovechkin at the left circle so he can load that cannon and bomb away? The one that works every goddamn time? Tyler Dellow thinks the Edmonton Oilers can run it, too, with a somewhat surprising bombardier.
  • Die by the Blade turns to Copper and Blue and Mile High Hockey for advice on how to survive a franchise rebuild. We await our invitation to the all-wallflower party.
  • Some weird, wacky stuff is going down with Tampa Bay goaltending prospect Riku Helenius. [Raw Charge]
  • Our boy garik forecasts future goalie performances using the worst-named stat in the history of mathematics. C'mon, dude, you gotta do better than that. [Hockey Graphs]
  • Justin Bourne looks at players who need a change of scenery. I'll take all of these guys. [Backhand Shelf]
  • With all due respect to our friends at Eyes on the Prize, the Habs are a hot mess right now. First, coach Michel Therrien went a ruined a perfectly good system from last season. And just yesterday, Marc Bergevin traded underused and mischaracterized defenseman Raphael Diaz to Vancouver for goony winger Dale Weise. Oof.
  • In Boston, the Beanpot Tournament is going on with some familiar faces behind the benches. Each coach played for the team he's running now, including former Islander Ted Donato and the Harvard Crimson. [SB Nation College Hockey]
  • Who has scored the most goals in every NHL arena? Glad you asked. Praise be to Bossy.
  • The Penguins are so good that sometimes, it seems like they have eight guys on the ice at once. And sometimes, they literally have eight guys on the ice.