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[Bits] You guys are still here? Plus salaries, cards, gnomes and grumpy old men

Wild one down, busy weekend ahead.

Uncontrollable falling down
Uncontrollable falling down
Bruce Bennett

The Islanders ease back from the Olympic break with a quiet, boring 5-4 overtime win before back-to-back matinees this weekend. So take it easy today and be ready for tomorrow afternoon.

Islanders News:

  • Recaps: LHH | New$day | NY Post | IPB | Islanders | PPP
  • Eric Hornick gets back into The Skinny groove with stats and notes from last night.
  • Expect to see Thomas Vanek and Andrew MacDonald in this weekend's games. [New$day]
  • Neil Best chats with some of the student broadcasters calling Islanders games this season. [New$day]

Trade Deadline Fun:

  • Down Goes Brown examines why teams don't make blockbuster trades any more, beyond just the salary cap.
  • The long Ryan Miller era is ending in Buffalo. [SB Nation]
  • Tyler Dellow directs his attention to how much the Leafs should be willing to pay UFA Dave Bolland. A companion piece at his site looks at how star players are paid in the NHL today.
  • We should all read more Conference III, which always takes a unique view of things. JR Lind offers a handy (and hilarious) guide to the 2013-14 Trade Deadline.
  • If you somehow missed this yesterday, Pension Plan Puppets endorses the immediate trading of non-practicing, media-hostile malcontent layabout Phil Kessel. (PS Not really)
  • And Phil Esposito goes bananas on trade rumors, Larry Brooks and the kids on his lawn in an expletive-laden radio rant. Only thing missing is a Danny Gloveresque "I'm getting too old for this shit."