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NHL trade rumors: Ryan Kesler he-said; Christian Ehrhoff clause; Panthers stay the course

I did not ask for a trade, I just told you I would accept one to these places if, you know, you got the itch.

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"There? Nope, not going there."
"There? Nope, not going there."
Paul Bereswill

As a way of organizing our rabid commentariat and rumors in advance of the trade deadline, here is a collection of some of the day's trade blurbs and nonsense that goes around the league each day. Cheers to the reporters who spend their day massaging their sources while we sit in an office watching cat videos.

Feel free to add your own (with links or citation please) in comments. But if you're doing the armchair GM thing, please also try to be somewhat realistic and not so HFboards-ish.

Kesler Denies Making Trade Request, Nobody Believes Him

The Ryan Kesler reported trade request stayed in the news for another day, with Kesler "categorically" denying any such request was made, but multiple reporters from all over saying they've heard otherwise -- or at most, that it's a matter of semantics.

Occam's Razor would put it like so: At some point Kesler, who has a no-trade clause, let the Canucks know which teams he would accept a trade to if it ever came to that. Now everyone's waiting to see if it happens, and the odds range from "hard to do" to "it's gonna happen."

Who wants Kesler? Plenty of teams, but he apparently controls his destiny or at least the teams he'll accept trades to. Sportsnet's Nick Kypreos says the Flyers, Red Wings, Penguins and Rangers are all interested, further stating Vancouver wants as many as three pieces in any deal for the American.

Vanek, Moulson as Bellwethers?

As you know, Brian Burke is always up for talking. Is he right in thinking the Isles #26's will help move the market?

"Teams are waiting to see where a couple of other players go. I think the (Thomas) Vanek and (Matt) Moulson situations affect when our players come into play..."

Meanwhile, should the Kings bid on Vanek? He would fit, but it all depends -- including whether some salary can go out the other way -- writes Jewels from the Crown.

Teams Want Tyler Myers; Ehrhoff Submits No-Trade List

It's not exactly shocking that teams would be interested in Tyler Myers -- he won the Calder, and he's a right-shooting defenseman who could still regain that Calder form. But he hasn't been the focus of rumors out of Buffalo this winter because you figure his youth and talent make him part of the solution there.

Nonetheless, enough teams have inquired about him, according to Darren Dreger on the NHL Network's "Insider" segment Thursday night, that the Sabres are listening.

Sticking with the Sabres, TSN's Bob McKenzie reports that they have asked defenseman Christian Ehrhoff for his list of eight teams to which he would not be accept trades, although that maneuver is a standard move given his limited no-trade clause. However, Ehrhoff's 10-year contract is one of those back-divers, so any team acquiring him -- and the Sabres too -- would have to be aware of "cap recapture" implications in the future if he retires early.

Chris Phillips and the Quest to be a Lifelong Senator

Chris Phillips already re-upped once in Ottawa to stick around through their mini-rebuild, and both sides are interested in another extension. That said, if they don't come to a deal he may be gone.

Panthers, Coyotes Standing Pat?

The NHL Trade Deadline is funny in that the skeptic is bound to dismiss most "this might happen" trade rumors, and yet we also take a distrustful view toward any GM who says he's standing pat. "Sure, that's just your poker face."

In that light, Florida Panthers GM Dale Tallon told the Miami Herald he won't embark on a fire sale -- and that includes hoping to hang on to Tim Thomas, Brad Boyes, and Tom Gilbert for next season.

The Phoenix Coyotes are in a better position in the standings, but Don Maloney told the Arizona Republic that he doesn't foresee any opportunities to, say, dump Pierre Turgeon* for an entitled Kirk Muller: "I don’t feel like I’m hot on the track of a big deal. I think I’m just like everybody else. I’m looking and searching and kicking a lot of tires and seeing if I can find something."

* I may be projecting a bit