Is this the 2nd worst Islander season ever?

Obviously, the 1994 season was the worst season to be an islander fan. Getting swept out of the playoffs by the rags who eventually won the cup officially ending our supremacy over them was the absolute worst season in our history. It's really hard to debate this, but this season is starting to feel almost as bad. I feel that this is the second worst Isles season in our history. Here's why:

1) Last year we shocked the world and got into the playoffs with a ragtag team consisting of one superstar, a 35 year old UFA captain, a very inexperienced Hamonic, an over-the-hill old goalie, a budding Okposo and a bunch of 3rd and 4th liners.

2) Remember the passing for the last 5 weeks of the year. It was phenomenal. the puck looked like it had a magnet attached to it that found an isles stick every time it was passed or shot. Magical!

3) We played the penguins well, and if not for poor goaltending might have stolen the series from them.

4) Then came the summer. We all thought that we would be getting a goalie, maybe Ryan Miller. Hopes were up! Everyone also thought that maybe we'd sign a younger defenseman to replace the departing Streit. None of this happened and in goes the first nail in the coffin.

5) The season starts and the team is flat! Going about .500 for the first 10 games.

6) The team trades fan favorite Molson for Vanek and now hopes are high among most fans that a turning of the corner is in store for the team for the first time since 1993. Right?


6) The November tank happened. From Nov 5th to Dec 5th we won a grand total of 2 games! A full out tank losing 14 games in this period taking us way out of contention.

7) The team starts to come back, played some of the best teams in the league and went on a winning streak, but then a loss to the Penguins set us right back in the basement again.

8) During this time Okposo is snubbed by Dan Blysma. What a great decision that was by team USA because hey, we just have too many goal scorers already on the team... As a matter of fact team USA needed more Callahan and Stepan!

9) Vanek decides to reject the Isles offer putting egg on the face of the fan base once more.

10) Olympics come and Grabner sets it on fire, which is great, but who cares right, it aint team usa! Tavares looks lost on the 4th line. The all time worst case scenario happens and Tavares, our only superstar, tears his MCL and is out for the season in a very frighteningly similar injury to Turgeon in 1995.

11) The USA rags lose to Canada in a very frustrating 1-0 game in which I'm sure most of us could have imagined seeing Okposo streaking to the slot from the boards and putting in an ugly goal to tie it in the 3rd period. Oh well, I guess team USA just needed more rags on the team, then they would have won!

The story ends here, but what we now have to look forward to is a full out tank and pray for a top 3 pick in a very weak draft.

So everyone, is this the second worst Isles season in team history? Please share your opinions.

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