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IslesTunes Playlist: 'The Isles' by Björn Falk

An Islanders-inspired song and Q&A interview with an LHH reader from across the Atlantic.

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(Dan's note: Yes, this is real. Not a "Zeitgeist" satire or joke post)

About a week ago, Dom received an e-mail from a Islanders fan who had written a song about his (and our) favorite team. We wanted to do more than just put the song in a Bits post, so we decided to give it its own article, along with a mini Q&A with the writer and singer.

So here's the first entry in our new IslesTunes Playlist: "The Isles" by Björn Falk

Artist: Björn Falk

Hometown: Växjö, Sweden

Lighthouse Hockey: Why a song about the Islanders? Was there one moment, game or player that inspired you?

Björn Falk: Simply because the Islanders is the only team I'm passionate about.

LHH: Why a pensive torch song and not something a little more rocking?

BF: That's the twist. A pensive torch song about the love for a hockey team.

LHH: Can you see any more Islanders-related songs in the future?

BF: I wanted this song to have an early '60s doo-wop vibe and I wanted the lyrics to describe the emotions that sport can bring. I guess I could try something different, but I would have to increase the amount of tongue-in-cheek ingredients to write a "we will destroy you all"-rocker.

LHH: What's your musical background? Are you a professional now or aiming to be one?

BF: I've been a guy in a band. Now I'm a part time employee at a day-care centre.

LHH: How did you start following the Islanders, especially from Europe?

BF: In the beginning I liked the exceptional physical skills of Michael Peca in a video game. A couple of years later I found myself in the Coliseum, I had spend my savings to get there and I was ready for a hockey adventure. They played terrible and lost to the Devils, 1-0. Well how can you not fall for this team?

How indeed. Thanks so much, Björn. Check out more of his music at